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The floor…part one

Okay so I decided to go ahead and do the floor today as well.  I really wanted to have the demo finished but the electricity going out for 4 hours hurt me. Bad…

Okay so the floors I had were those tile looking vinyl.  It looked really pretty but in spots the top layer peeled off and I have had to replace a tile or two.  That is nerve wrecking to say the least.  The last time a tile peeled I just left it.  Funny how since I been renovating I been dragging cabinets and dropping tools and the top layer stood up but there are a lot of scratches in the floor now.

This is how they looked.


Under this tile is sheet vinyl then wood then asbestos tiles then pine floors.  The plan is to cut out the top three layers (down to and including the wood).  I set my blade on my circular saw to meet the bottom of the wood floor and I plan to cut out squares and pull up the squares.

The first thing I noticed is the vinyl was shredding under the blade and flying everywhere, including my new walls.  That was a bit distressing. I hope you can see what I am talking about in this photo…

when I pulled up the first square I realized i had the layers wrong:

  1. vinyl tiles
  2. sheet vinyl
  3. wood subfloor
  4. tar paper
  5. pine floor

Being that I have a whole roll of tar paper in the basement and this paper was a little “dry”  I wonder if I should replace it as well.  The pine floors look naaasty.  I wouldn’t even consider keeping them

This junk was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be.  Thank God I have a small kitchen!! I had to stop for the night because 1- I was starting to hurt 2- I was getting tired and 3- I have no lights in my kitchen and I can’t work in the dark.  I will not work under a lamp using a saw…that’s too dangerous and if the Navy didn’t teach me anything else it taught me safety first.


I am going to work on my papers for school…they need to get done anyway.

I am starving but it is storming like crazy again and no way I am driving out in this mess.  I will find something in here to eat.  It may not be healthy but it will be something to eat.


8 thoughts on “The floor…part one

  1. Sorry about the muck getting on your walls. Hoping it wipes right off. You are wearing a mask while doing this right??

    You are a brave one for sure. Get some rest. Tomorrow is another day. Any word from the sheet rocker guy?



  2. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. That is about four too many floors eh? We peeled up lino once, and there were several layers to go through. The last layer—that same tar paper you have, had pretty much melded to the wood. It was gross. And smelled terrible. You have my sympathies!!


  3. So glad it wipes right off. PHEW.

    Do try to get a little rest today. Keeping good thoughts for Tuesday.

    Tomorrow work for me. Today I play. Going to sniff some glue and lay down some glass. Woo Hoo. Looking forward to it as soon as I feed us.



    • I was glad of that also. I know the guy is going to come and do the work. I have to count my money then make a list and I am going to let him do as many things on my list as I can afford to pay him for. What will take me weeks and weeks will take him days. LOL.
      I have some furniture for sale also. Maybe he will barter some services for furniture?
      I thought you sent me a link to your photo album but I can not find the album. Well anyway take photos. I have to check on Gardenweb this weekend and see how everyone else is doing with their projects also.


  4. That is a great idea to get him to do as much as possible. Remember you are injured and this constant stress on your joints will just make it worse.

    I tried to take pictures of the desk project and the lighting is not right or some thing as it looks awful in pictures. In person it is pretty and shiny and interesting. Camera looses all that effect.

    Here is a link to some of my mosaic pictures. The desk I am working on will go back in the kitchen where the hoosier is now. I am just not happy with the hoosier in that spot. It blocks my view out the window.


    Back to my project. Was waiting on glue to set up a bit and resting my back.



    • I love your mosaics. I can’t wait to get to the point of being able to do that. I had this idea of using colored pebbles to make my designs but I can’t find them. Nor could I find small pieces already cut out specifically like shamrock shapes or small squares.


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