What Happened Last Night?

Yesterday I went to get me something to eat and when I came home instead of parking in my usual spot I changed where I park.  No particular reason really except that I have a lot of parking spaces and I like to change where I park once in a while.  It turned out to be a good thing.  When I went out this morning for church this is what was in my parking space

That would have caused some damage on my car for sure.


This is how my little patio looked

The tarp on my drywall flew up and all my drywall was soaked and broke the plant’s pot that was holding it down.

A big limb fell on my plants and busted my lawn chair up

They broke out of this tree

But I would have thought this tree would have had some broken limbs but not a one fell out of it!

All I knew last night is that the electricity went out, having me sitting in the dark AND unable to work on my homework again.  I put off homework till the last minute and then no way to do it.   I was fuming about the electrical situation again but it was clearly an act of God and nothing I could do about it.  I had no idea all this was going on outside!!


6 thoughts on “What Happened Last Night?

  1. YIKES Always listen to your inner voice. Good job saving your car. So sorry about the other damage. As if you needed more to clean up. sigh………


    • I know right. I did not clean them up because they are soaking wet which makes them feel slimy ewwl. I got the ones I needed to get out my way and the rest are still there. hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


  2. Now none of this would happen if you would have cut down every tree on you lot. I’m glad your ok and you saved your car.


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