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Taking a Day off

I did get out the driveway to go to church this morning after maneuvering around the debris.  I have to check the roof real good and make sure there is no damage that I can claim on my insurance before I clean it up.  🙂  I mean I have a new roof but what if something hit the roof and made the joists break for instance..and what if it were right over my kitchen by chance?  hmmmmmmmmmmmmm I would need a new roof wouldn’t I?  and I would need to know this pertinent piece of information before I put up sheet rock wouldn’t I?


No I am not an insurance frauderer but I will check to make sure there’s no damage (I made that word up (frauderer) in case you didn’t notice….don’t use it in live conversation or you will look like an ignorant donkey butt).  Just cause I won’t commit insurance fraud does not mean I will not check it out thoroughly!!  AND I MEAN THOROUGHLY.  LOL

No work being done today.  I have to rest and I have to catch up on school work.  I have 4 tests to take and one paper to write.   2 tests completed and as you see I am procrastinating on doing the other two.  yeah…its tests for a math class and my TI-83 finally decided to conk out on me after many years of faithful service.  I AM NOT DOING MATH THE OLD FASHIONED WAY…pencil and paper…mainly because I can’t.  I know you are saying mmm mmmm mmm  that’s a shame, she claims to be a who’s who smartie and she can’t even do complicated math.  ummm hmmm well we all have our limitations. I am not shamed to say I am not good at something. NOBODY IS PERFECT.  I am good enough at other things  to cancel out the not so good stuff and if I make a c in the class, its still not going to hurt my GPA.  But I am worried about what I am going to do.  i have a crap load of fancy calculators and I can not find one.  NOT ONE… except this one and its not working.  What the fudge is going on??  It’s a conspiracy!

Anyway in my procrastinating I decided to go out to dinner to this nice Mediterranean restaurant and whaddaya know they have my green, tan and beige on the walls tied together by Paprika. The pictures are not real good.

That Paprika is my next bathroom color!  YES!! planning the next project when I don’t even know how I am going to get past the current one.  LOL

ohhh and love this bowl.  All my colors in my photos in this restaurant are off for some reason.  This is a light gold bowl with yellow, brown, green, burgundy and black designs.  In-sparrrr-ations (say that in a singy type of voice)

Ummm hmmm …Anyway I gotta go finish this crap so I can go to bed.  Maybe the Internet has calculators I can use….

3 thoughts on “Taking a Day off

    • LOL I need graphing capabilities, amortizations and built in algebraic functions. I could do most of it on a regular calculator but by the time I finish I might as well do it by pencil and paper.


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