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Inspirations (edited)

I could not work on the house today and I probably won’t get back to it until Friday.  I have school I have to deal with and staying on top of that is a priority.  So is the kitchen but school is a higher priority.

In the meantime I went to World Market today getting some of my ideas situated in my head.  They have all the stuff I need want but they are unbearably expensive.  I found the lanterns on eBay for $8  7 each but they are $20 in world Market.  I found the knobs on for 50 cents each but they are $3.99 at world market. I wound up buying a lot of 25 unfinished knobs for $14.94 including postage (60 cents each) because Indian shelf did not have the ones I need in stock and I would have to buy 200 or some ridiculous number.  The bargains I find online though far outweigh shopping in stores.  Stores are a total rip off.

Anyway I am not able to find the glass candle cups I could only find the lanterns.  If anyone knows where I can find the colored cup lanterns please let me know.

Oh gosh I can’t wait to start decorating. I started out wanting a country kitchen and changed that to a Moroccan kitchen and my head is EXPLODING with ideas!!

I love all of these…


I love the plates to the right of the green ones…


Pot rack for pans…black cast iron pots and pans only!  (That way I don’t have to worry about shining the silver ones up. I know that’s not exactly Moroccan but I have a pot rack I brought bought 3 years ago from Macy’s and it’s still NIB.  I WILL FIND A WAY TO USE IT!!

I think I am also liking curtains on the doorways! In the Paprika color not orange…




Cous Cous with three meats, raisins and fried almonds




and some house color inspirations

these are my favorites:




4 thoughts on “Inspirations (edited)

  1. Those bronze, perforated lanterns? Are AWESOME.

    Seriously, sometimes the only thing I looked forward too, while in the midst of the mess and the chaos was the idea that at some point I would be able to decorate something. That, and being able to unpack some boxes and find my favorite sweatpants, or the cat’s toys.


    • Exactly…something to take my mind off the chaos! I love those lamps! All of them. When the light is on u get an awesome light show on the walls. Quite magical.


  2. I love those lamps too. The purple hanging cup is so me.

    I like those dishes next to the green ones too. Also the green ones. LOL I just have way too many dishes. They would be perfect with your yellow/gold walls.

    No idea where to shop for anything. I am so totally shopping challenged. I just hate it. Got to town today and could not wait to get back home. And here I wait all week to go shopping. I make myself so mad some times.


    • I can not find those cup styles online anywhere. I went to a friends house yesterday and noticed she had all types of Moroccan lanterns on her porch and she does not buy anything new. Everything is from yard sales and thrift stores. I guess if i started going I might find them too. I hardly ever find anything good.

      I don’t like shopping in stores. I love shopping online. I like bargain hunting so when I find something I need online I shop for the absolute best price. it can be time consuming but it burns no gas…


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