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Bedroom Ceiling Intro

I dream of a super romantic bedroom to include a fabric draped ceiling. I don’t know why but I always wanted this in my bedroom.  I once had mosquito netting around my bed and yes that was very  romantic but it got in the way at times and made the romance fizzle if you know … Continue reading

I Luv LUV Luv EC Lock Grip Strip Flooring!!
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I Luv LUV Luv EC Lock Grip Strip Flooring!!

In my kitchen I used EC LOCK floors it is a grip strip vinyl plank and everyone who has seen it thinks the floor is wood. It looks good and for the kitchen (110 sq ft) it only cost $70 but thats because I got my two boxes from a surplus warehouse. I got the Chestnut finish. In Homedepot they sell the Allure brand but it costs a little more. I had a sample of the floor I used with me and it looked exactly the same.. Continue reading

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Note To Potential Followers

I keep getting messages from people about signing up to follow my blog but not getting the notifications. When you sign up to follow me it is a two-step process. The second step is to confirm this is your wish by clicking the link in the email. If you do not confirm you want to follow my blog you will not get any updates. This process goes for updates to comments as well. Continue reading

Kitchen…just checking in
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Kitchen…just checking in

As I started putting things away in my kitchen I felt as if I was moving in all over again. I have so much stuff and I swear I must have some gypsy in my blood because I am not one to enjoy a lot of empty space. For some reason I feel like I should fill every single available nook and cranny and when I have company they are always looking around distracted when I am trying to talk. The comment I always hear is your place is so interesting. LOL Not sure if that is a nice way of saying hoarderish and/or junky but I hope not as that was not the goal. I did throw a lot of things away so I KNOW I am not as bad as those ppl on Continue reading