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Just a couplla days!!

OMG this is killing me but I have to do my school work and keep on top of that then I still have to work, of course.  The contractor finally came over to give me an estimate on my kitchen.  When he walked in  his exact words were “OMG What happened in here?”  I told him I gutted the kitchen and he looked at me strangely and asked me why?  I told him but he did not seem to comprehend the truth (that I was only trying to turn this place from a dump to ehhh to fab) so I wound up doing what anyone else would do and blamed it on someone else and said I was fixing their screw up.  It’s not a total lie.  Shame on me, being a Christian and all.  LOL Wellllllllllllllllll he believed that more. So now he did not have to ask me who was helping me.  You know men, they want to think women can’t do any of this stuff on their own and anything that helps them hold on to that belief is comfortable. LOL.

His list of things to do is as follows:

  • Install the drywall on the ceiling, mud, paint
  • reroute electrical lines in the ceiling vs running along the perimeter of the room (means he has to go up in that attic.  ewwwwl)
  • spray paint cabinets
  • install cabinets
  • Install crown molding
  • cut out hole in counter top for sink
  • install cabinets
  • reroute vent under cabinet
  • Install sink and hook everything up
  • Install the water line on the fridge

I will have my camera on full charge…Once he finishes his list it should make it easier for me to do what I have to do.  What I have left:

  • I have to finish the floor demo BEFORE he gets here or he said he is going to charge me extra.  hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh  pressure!
  • Get the gas company to move the gas line
  • rebuild the box over the range vent
  • Install the floor ( I contemplated letting him do that but money is an issue here, or lack thereof)
  • put lower molding down
  • trim doorways to make them look like pillars
  • finish putting up chair rail
  • fix scratches in the wall and touch up paint (from when I took down ceiling)
  • finish making doors for shelves
  • paint and install knobs for cabinets
  • make sliding shelf and swing out shelf for blind base cabinet
  • hang pot rack
  • make lanterns
  • make mosaic’d flip-up table
  • make curtains
  • clean up all the drywall dust ALL OVER THE HOUSE
  • fix up the kitchen
  • make a great meal!!

I give it another month… Or two…okay maybe three.  THREE MAX!!

And I am going to  be a broke butt for a good little while.  Thank God for Taco Bell.  Yo quiero el cheapo lunches

Make your guess about how long you think it will take me to finish my list and give your prediction about if I will finish the whole list or pay someone to do some of it or if I abandon it completely.  Be reasonable and remember most of my projects are limited to Friday-Sunday working times.

What do you think?


4 thoughts on “Just a couplla days!!

  1. What do I think? I think I would go get a job a Taco Bell to pay someone else to do that list you just made!! I think (well, maybe not) I would do anything for the luxury of handing off all that STUFF to someone else.

    But that’s me… you are far more capable. So, I’m guessing you will surprise yourself with how much you get done. And? I don’t think there’s any shame in blaming the previous owners… that’s what they’re there for!


    • I really don’t wanna do it anymore and if I had the money to turn the rest over to him I would!! All I wanna do now is paint knobs and hang lights. I just got home from Lowes and HD and I am beat but remember he threatened me that I MUST have the floors demo’d tonight so I better get busy!!


  2. I love reading your stories and following the roller coaster ride. We could be twins with what you get into. Impressed is an understatement. Excited to see the finished project.

    I’m also a tool/hardware store girl. Getting a bit older and tough to build all the images in my head. Between my daughter and me, we get it done. My sons just look at me with glassed over eyes when suggesting something. And my husband swore he was going to quit traveling because there was always something significantly changed when he got home.

    Your comments about workmen and hardware guys is what I get too. The ones I love are those that think I have no clue and give me solutions I know darn well are not up to the job. I asked for phillip bits the other day and the guy started a lecture on bits and drills. Leave me alone, I’ll just find what I need. He probably just went through power drill school and needed to share.

    Onward to you and all of us “handy girls”.


    • Thank you! and welcome aboard. Do you have a blog? If not have I inspired you to start one? I like the instructional DIY blogs but I loooove the experiences blog. I guess I am a reality nut even on the computer LOL

      LOL on your husband and sons. Been there.
      Thanks for following!


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