PS I forgot something…

I have a new wish list:


  • Boss Cut I can give away this Cricut once and for all.  Don’t you hate when you have something you wanted so long then regret getting it because by the time you got the money to get it there were much better options out there and the one you got was a POJ?  I want this to make and sell wall words!


My toys are not getting any cheaper…

2 thoughts on “PS I forgot something…

    • I know right! I was reading this blog and the lady was talking about using her CNC router and she showed this door panel she made. So my comment back to her was where can I get one cause she has what I need. LOL well she did not reply to that so I looked it up. The ones I found at first were three to seven THOUSAND dollars. I about fell out. So then I did what I normally do in this situation….I started searching the net to beat that price. That is how I found the one mentioned (which btw is not the same one in the video). It is rated as the top choice for hobbyist and it costs somewhere around $600 and the piece I added to it I think was around $300. The machine does not come with a table. I find it very interesting though. When I was doing my research last night I fell in love with it. It appears it was also saying they come with a dremel? I am not sure. Has Paul ever heard of them before? Tell him he must get one LOL.


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