I am Ready and He Better Not Stand Me Up

5:42 AM the time I am supposed to be getting up and I am just laying down.  I worked like a maniac last night and of course you can’t really tell.  Doesn’t that make you mad when that happens to you?

anyway when I started demo’ing the floor I found a little surprise.

yes you are seeing correctly. rotted wood.  The underside of the wood shows water damage.  Yup…when I moved in here that disgusting fridge was leaking.  I got rid of that thing in a hurry.  Sold it to a guy who made a keg-o-rator out of it.

So I did just what you think I did.  I tore the whole floor out.  Yes ladies and gentleman when the contractor gets here  in a couple of hours he will be replacing a floor instead of a ceiling…LOL I wish I could see your face right now.  Oh pal-ee-ze I am just kidding. I got you though didn’t I? ADMIT IT.

No I went downstairs in the basement to assess the damage from there.  water damage there as well.

I never even noticed this before.  Anywho I am just going to  patch it and call it a day!  When the floor falls through the insurance company can pay to have it fixed.  I am not going there!!  Hopefully no one gets hurt…

Anyway I did not finish the whole floor but I did enough so the contractor can do what he gotta do and I don’t have to pay him an extra dime!!






6 thoughts on “I am Ready and He Better Not Stand Me Up

  1. I was like—OH NOOOOOO. So yes. I totally believed you ripped out your whole floor.

    Today is going to be terrible for you. Or, at least it would be for me… lack of sleep turns me into a zombie. A very mean zombie. I guess that might be mitigated for you, seeing as how you’re actually going to get a bunch of work done, without having to knock yourself out doing it!!

    Good luck!! I hope it goes just the way you want it to!


    • LOL look when I wrote that I was in the bed and I actually fell asleep in the middle of posting it and woke back up to finish. LOL Obviously whenever I am tired i turn into a prankster big time. Have to get a laugh, laugh gives you energy and is good for your heart!!

      Once he gets started I am going to sleep for a few minutes.


  2. Well – is the blog a parallel universe of the misadventures blog? Something about rotted wood at 5am that can ruin your day. I know you’ll march right through this… get so sleep.


  3. Ah if you are supervising then he did show up. Woo Hoo. Happy for you. Sorry about you having to work all night and finding the rotten wood. I agree with Curt. You will get through this.


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