I love This Energy

Okay this house was alive with energy today as cabinets were being painted, drywall was being put up and I was busy painting my knobs that came in the mail today.  They did a good job and of course when I was watching they showed off  trying to impress me.  Testosterone does a funny thing to men.   LOL

This is what they did:

Install the drywall on the ceiling and mud it


reroute electrical lines in the ceiling

spray paint cabinets


This is the boss…he didn’t really do anything but get the supplies and made sure everyone was on task and look cute. I like being the boss LOL.

So now its the end of the day and I am back to living in a maze…its going to be so nice not to have to move things around anytime I want to do something.

Looking at the cabinets against the wall I am not really feeling this butter cookie color on the walls with the cream in my coffee cabinets.  That distresses me because I looooove both colors, just not together.  Well the cream in my coffee stays.  I might have to repaint the kitchen back to the LaFonda Boulder color but this time don’t make it half and half…I am not sure at this very moment.

OK so now its my turn to work on my list.  When they walk in the door on Monday I want to WOW them in some kind of way.  I am not sure how I am going to WOW them but something has GOT to WOW them.

I am not all that rested but I did sleep on the couch for about 2 hours today while they were working.   I sure hope I did not snore…LOL

I have to go to Wal-Mart to get some very small paintbrushes.  Remember I am hand-painting  my knobs?

When I went to Home Depot last night I found this paint set of 12- 2.5 oz bottles for $4.99!!  I am not sure if 42 cents a bottle is a deal or not but I think it is. Plus now I don’t have to stand in the store trying to decide on colors and I can be as colorful as I wanna be.  I am not sure if I want to do one pattern for drawers, one for doors or if I want to make them all the same or all different.  Since they are going to be hand-painted it might be too hard to do 20 knobs exactly the same.   I will plan this in my head on the way to the store. AND I HAVE LOTS OF COLORS TO PLAY WITH!!

Updates to follow tomorrow

PS…I am going to kill Bear.  OMG while I was typing and not paying attention to him he got to my box of left over knobs that I was already making plans for in my head and he chewed everyone of them up.  He is on punishment again.  UGGGGGH…sometimes having a dog is like having a toddler in the house…

PPS It was really nice to have some work being done round this joint and it wasn’t just me doing all the work.


3 thoughts on “I love This Energy

  1. Chris Pyle wrote:
    Too lazy to go to your other post so commenting here.Totally loving your progress. Not seeing the two colors ,cabinets and walls, in person it would be impossible to comment other than to say maybe wait until tomorrow or after the cabinets are up to repaint your walls. I know they would be easier to do before the cabinets are up but they might look good as they are once installed. Course if the tones are not right it will make you crazy if they fight each other.


    • I moved it for you LOL. It’s tomorrow now and I can still see its not gonna work. I was planning on painting today because now I want the tan (LaFonda Boulder) in the kitchen, butter cookie in the laundry room/ mud room and then the burgundy in the bathroom. they are all in one line and I think that will make the color transitions a little better. I am not sure if I am going to get to it today or not though. I woke up in the worst pain this morning. I guess I got acclimated to the medicine and I been going too hard at it. This sucks. I am going to double up so I can get through the painting then I promise not to push through pain like this again. Pain is there for a reason I guesssssss.


  2. HIGH FIVE!!! Don’t get too spoiled with all those projects being banged out in one day! (That’s a joke, I don’t think there’s anyway you’ll get spoiled after how hard you’ve worked!)
    You must be thrilled to see it all coming together.


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