Bear’s Bed

This is the drawer that I took out of my base cabinet from the sink. I want to use it to make a bed for my ShiTzu Bear.

Here is the drawer

I headed to Pinterest for some  inspiration.


I thought these were weird

I  thought this was so funny

And after all that I am thinking on the lines of this



6 thoughts on “Bear’s Bed

  1. A bed! – any bed looks might good right now. Do you mind if I curl up and take a nap? The concrete footers are poured at my house, so I have a little time to kill. Bear’s a lucky dog – he doesn’t know how to finish drywall.


    • LOL I thought that was hilarious. I have to make something on the plain side because I have to make it. I did have a couple of ideas in my head that I could not find a photo of so I will just have to wing it when the time comes.


  2. If you are just going to make a plain one then a nice cushion will be much easier on your toes in the middle of the night. Ask me how I know and why ours was given away………………………….


    • LOL…ok…note to self …if I decide to make it make sure I cushion the sides and keep it out of the traffic path. I already have one toe with a half a nail that doesn’t seem to be growing back…


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