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Chip It!

OMG I just discovered something that is probably going to make me repaint my whole house.  I was on a blog this morning and someone was writing about Sherwin Williams having this tool call ChipIt.  You go to their website and you drag the button to your tool bar.  From that point on whenever you see a photo that you like on the Internet you  can get all the colors in any photo and color match it to Sherwin Williams colors by hitting the Chip it! button you placed on your tool bar.  So for instance I saw this photo:

I chose the  chip it button on my toolbar, I had to accept the terms of using it and then whenever I hoovered over a photo the chipit option came up, it works like Pinterest.  When I clicked the button a palette came up but I noticed all of the colors were not there.  then at the bottom of the chipcard I saw an  option for more colors.  When I chose that I got every color in the photo.  WOW!

Is that not awesome?

OK I admit this might be awesome but it is also freaking dangerous.

I noticed the second time I tried to use it in Firefox I had to shut down my browser and start over or it just hung.  I had no problems in Internet Explorer

This works to match colors in a painting or photo you hang on your wall


Pick colors to use in a design

etc etc…

I just had to share that before I went to work.  This is so awesome!!

Have a good day everyone!!

PS…I need to start getting paid for all this research I pass on.  I have 5 posts that are in draft mode … wait till I finish them.  They are gonna blow your socks off…

8 thoughts on “Chip It!

  1. Could be a great tool!! Or it could make you crazy. Just like Pinterest. I have so many kitchen designs pinned, I have no idea how I will choose just one…

    I was just telling someone how I’m no longer convinced that endless options are a good thing.


    • Just remember I am the one who goes to Lowes and stands there for more than an hour trying to pick out white. LOL. Oh Gosh this has changed my kitchen again. And thanks to this tool I have my color scheme. I am working n updates and doing the work LOL.


    • For a person like you who likes to do mosaics that is a great tool especially if you are a person like me and have a hard time putting colors together. Although now that I think about it your mosaics are very colorful and the colors are great.


    • My kitchen is almost DONE!! The contractor said he looves my kitchen because it is not the typical white cabinet, stone wall, neutral walls kinnda look. But then again he probably says that to everyone cause my walls are tan, my cabinets are cream and I do have a stone wall. LOL


    • I know right! I am thinking about going to pick up samples of the colors in my palette and taking them to Lowe’s to be color matched. I gave HD a Valspar color and asked them to match it in Behr but I only gave them the name and they said the name was copyrighted and they could not match it without the chip. So chips I will be bringing them. I been playing with color pallets for hours and it seems I keep defaulting to the same colors. LOL sooooo I will be painting some things over.


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