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Kitchen Update

Okay I know everyone is wondering what in the heck happened with the kitchen.  It’s almost finished but still such a mess and frankly I am tired of sharing my mess with the world.  The contractors finished but I haven’t been doing well physically.  I was bedridden for a couple of days so I just gave in and rested;  consequently,  I haven’t gotten much done on my list.  I did change a few things though…as the kitchen is evolving. No more snowballing, just evolving.   (YESSS)

I changed my mural in the kitchen idea and I plan on using a photo I took in Italy about 7 years ago.  Planned means it is not made yet..LOL

I am still waiting on my lamps to come

I have been having problems with missing mail and I swear if my lamps come up missing somebody is getting prosecuted!!  Right now my eBay says a necklace I purchased was delivered Monday but I did not get it.  This is the third thing that was not delivered but the PO says it was.   I think it is about time I call the Post Master and let him know.  I been trying to give this new mail person a chance but I am getting sick of it…specially when he starts messing up my  packages.  I buy a lot through the mail and we just can’t have that.

I also repainted my kitchen back to the tan…I liked the gold but it did nothing for the cabinets so I am saving the gold for my mudroom.

Going back to my old knobs and saving my painted knobs for craft projects.  They were cheap enough that I am not going to cry over that not working out.

All in all the kitchen is coming together nicely.  As soon as I get past the ITS A MESS stage I will post some photos.  Trust me this is not a cookie cutter kitchen.  It’s all me!

oh and my palette from the glass is… (or some variation thereof)

2 thoughts on “Kitchen Update

  1. Good to hear your kitchen is coming along well. Missing your progress pictures. Mess or not. Will try to be patient and not bitch too much.

    So sorry you were not feeling well. It is always best to take a break. It took me a long time to learn that myself. Now I think nothing of sleeping for two hours every afternoon. Makes me able to make the rest of the day useful.

    Feel better soon. Love the picture of the glass. Lamps are really cute too.



    • thanks…the kitchen will be there so I am not really worried about it too much…unless some company say they are coming over…then I will go into super turbo mode. LOL. I will get the mess cleaned up this weekend and and do the items on my list. Heck…I can’t wait to see how it comes out myself. So far it is looking real good. to me…LOL


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