Lowe’s VENT

Remember just this morning I was fussing and complaining about the price of Lowe’s Caulk and not being able to find it for less than $2.78 or something like that?  Okay so today I go in there to get some trim.

They have a whole back wall dedicated to trim.

I wanted corner trim and I couldn’t believe the price.  Now the other day I went in there and purchased 3 of these bad boys and I didn’t realize it was so expensive, $11.60 per 8′.  I believe when I bought it before I thought it was $9.28… not noticing that was the contractor price and that in itself is ludicrous!!

So I did my usual and walked around the store a bit and then I noticed an aisle I never been in before (imagine that)

And look what I find here…this is at the back of the store mind you, a little aways from the regular trim and far away from the paint section where the caulk is normally kept.

Somebody please tell me why the cheap caulk is hidden away in the store?  Is that fair??


That is all.  I just needed to vent


2 thoughts on “Lowe’s VENT

  1. So glad you found the lower priced calk and corner pieces. I need to get a stick of that corner piece. When the cabinet guy redid our cabinets he did not put that piece on. We do not have a Lowe’s close. Only Home Depot.


    • It would only be fair for me to report that I know now why it was so much cheaper. I can not identify the material they are made of. They feel as if they are made of molded styrofoam with a coating on it. Very light weight but the great part is they cut with a utility knife and when it is on the wall they look the same. I definitely would use again although if I had more money I would use it in a flip and use the real thing in my house, only because I know its not solid good wood. I had to buy 10 pieces of trim. Doing the math I saved about $70 so yeah I was pretty happy about that. Sometimes the cost of trim stops me in my tracks because I just can’t afford it. For that reason I will use agian.

      As for the caulk…so far I have not had any proof that the more expensive one is any better than the cheaper one.


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