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Up and At ‘Em.

I am getting up and ready to work on this frigging kitchen.  I had a dream last night about a great idea and I have to do a little demo to implement it.  I know, I know,  50 steps forward then I take 2 backward…that’s my life story, so don’t judge me…You should know me by now.  I am not sure if my idea will work as I am still in bed blogging via my cellphone instead going in the kitchen and measuring but I am getting up now…
I am not going to post a lot of dialog but I will be posting pictures.  I will be doing it all from my phone….otherwise if I get on the puter to write I will never finish. Also I will check my spelling errors when I get on the puter….so for now excuse the mess.  LOL I am hoping to do it all today including the floor.  Yes that is mighty ambitious…I know,  I know…
My clock radio just came on and there’s a rap song belting out lyrics about being chef boy-r-de and having the recipe….LOL I guess that’s my cue cause the recipe is get the heck up and get busy and take minimal breaks.  He also talking bout booty clapping…not sure about that…LOL…anyway…UP AND AT EM.

Yeah its back to this wall.  Shaking my head…OCD in full effect LOL.
Framing finished…now on to my favorite task….caulking

I used to use this caulk…it cost me 88 cents at walmart and I had cases of it.

Just a plain no name brand and it was good. Never dried hard or got brittle and was paintable. Well since Wally died and Walmart got all high-sidity and do not sell super bargains anymore you can’t get it for that price. I finally ran out and had to buy some more. It cost me $2.78 a tube. I felt raped!

So when I started using it I noticed it was silky smooth and a bit on the watery side. Then I noticed it dripped out of my DRIPLESS caulk gun…what the hay?? Now if there is anything I hate is dripping caulk. So messy!! AND I used a whole tube of it on my shelves and I didn’t even finish. So they make it super thin so you have to use more. Gotcha. Everything is all about the rip off!

Okay I used my second tube and it was not watery so do you think its inappropriate that I bring the empty tube back to Lowes and tell them it was a bad tube but I didn’t notice till I opened the second tube and had a comparison?  LOL I am not going to do it but don’t think for a second I didn’t think about it!
Anyway they say I can paint over it in 2 hours…perfect. On to the next task…my pot rack
10:00 AM
OMG I think I learned the trick to learning a foreign language…fluently…just nail a brad in your finger with a nail gun. GOD THAT HURT! Never use tools when you are upset. My ex was messing with me via text message, and  I was perturbed to no end at myself for reading them and then responding and the next thing I know I nailed a nail in my finger. Great.  That’s what I needed today right?

I need a break now so its off to Lowe’s. I have a couple of things to pick up (any excuse is better than none right?  LOL)

2 thoughts on “Up and At ‘Em.

  1. Dear Ms. Jay:
    You’re absolutely right about the ridiculous price of things and getting ripped off. I’ll never forgive Hewlitt-Packard for what they’ve done with their toner. Years ago, my first two toners lasted 3 to 4 years each. And that was doing a huge amount of printing. Now, you can hardly get their toner to last 5 months with very light printing. How do those people sleep at night?
    I LOL FIVE times reading these two most recent columns. Thank you for such great “medicine.”
    The suspense is killing me waiting to see your new kitchen.
    Wishing you a restful Sunday — Texasgal, Doreen


    • Oh when you buy a new printer it only comes with a sample size of ink in it but they don’t tell you that. The ink costs more than the printer in some instances, which is why I used to just buy a new printer vs reupping on the ink. But these days I don’t even use a color printer anymore. I have a Laser printer and one $32 cartridge of toner lasts me two years or more! I think the last time I looked at the counter I had used the same cartridge on over 2,000 pages of print and I was still about half full.

      I will be posting photos today.


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