I am so tired of working on this kitchen yet at the same time I am enjoying it.  I finally finished one wall.

Well it is almost finished.  I just noticed I still have knobs to install.  The reason it took me so long is because when I was building the microwave cabinet I made the shelves the exact size  and of course it did not fit because I did not include the “legs” when I was measuring.  I had to take it apart.  I didn’t take the whole thing apart just the shelf.  I also had to drill a hole large enough for the plug.  That whatchamacallit I used to make the hole is a Bear. Not so easy to use.  I also had to do a lot of touch up painting which pissed me off considering I paid the contractor to paint.  He missed a lot of stuff.

I could have gotten a whole lot more done today but after nailing my finger I just wasn’t in the mood.  I took a 4 hour break at Lowes, Staples and Walmart.

I will post more photos tomorrow.

I’m going to bed.  Its 4:00 in the morning.  😦

4 thoughts on “OMG AM I DONE YET???

  1. New blog header!! I like it! We’re on vacation through the end of next week… so have not been keeping up with blogs I read. I’m not surprised you’ve done nine things since I was here last. I am SORRY you brad-ed your finger. Husband nailed his once SERIOUSLY. It was bad.

    I’m also sorry you repainted your kitchen. Just because that kind of tedious task makes me CRAZY. I hate it.

    I’m curious about blogging from your cell. Are you typing it out? Is that really easier? Or easy enough to be worth it? I think that would make me kind of nuts.


    • Thanks and enjoy your vacation! Leave the computer alone until you get back. I say that, yet I don’t know if I can do that so in this instance I have to say what my Momma used to always tell me “Do as I say to do, don’t do as I do” LOL…her favorite disclaimer.

      I changed themes again because I felt like the last one was a bit too busy. I had started putting my friends links in categories a while ago and with the other themes they were not catagorized so I stopped because it was tedious. Instead of being able to make bulk changes I have to do them individually soooo some people might question why their page is linked where it is. I think you might be under re-purposed. I will eventually fix that.

      I nailed my finger when putting the edge on my plate rack (not yet revealed). I had my hand under it and the nail was about an eighth of an inch too long and I still knew better than to have my finger there but I wasn’t thinking straight.

      I am not really happy with the paint color in the kitchen because lets face it…tan is so bland. I am hoping I can accessorize it so that my accessories stand out and then it will be cool.

      I have an Android phone with voice capabilities (HTC MyTouch Slide) so I actually dictated some of what I wrote sentence by sentence. I typed some also though. Later I got on the computer and corrected it. I liked the fact that I can take a photo straight from WordPress.


    • Thanks. I wasn’t just working on that wall, its just the only one nearly complete. I think I should be able to do some more reveal photos today.

      I am skipping church this morning to do this. God forgive me.

      Last night I was looking up vintage ads and saw an old ad on a Hoosier (spelling?). I know you always referred to yours but I was never quite sure what the function of it was. Now that I know…that is pretty darn cool!


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