Still Have a Mess on my Hands!

Why oh why is my kitchen still a mess?  I have to work non stop today to straighten it out.

Now you see why I didn’t want to take photos?

2:59 PM

All I been doing all this time is caulking, trimming and painting and still it looks like I made no progress.

And I put some things away and now I can’t find crap.  hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

4 thoughts on “Still Have a Mess on my Hands!

  1. I do not see a mess. Allow yourself 15 or 20 minutes breaks through out the day. Having to do that for myself today. On one right now. Set your timer if you can find it. LOL sorry. Not laughing at your troubles. You are doing wonderful from what I have seen so far. Sending energy your way.


  2. OH the pictures were not showing up before. Ok so you have a bit of a mess. My studio was worse than that yesterday and even though I worked in it all day it still is not finished. BUT I have to work on the rest of the house first as I am tired of having to kick my way through it too.

    This looks like a dooable mess to me. Just start grabbing a couple of things at a time and deal with them. I might even consider putting it all in a couple of boxes just to clear the room and work on the mess when you are not so tired.

    Ceiling looks amazing.

    Dinner at 5:00???


  3. Dear Ms. Jay:
    Wonderful choices!!! Thanks so much for the reveal of what has been done up to this point. Your blog followers know a terrible mess goes with the territory. I’m so excited for you. Here’s what I like:
    1. The first thing that caught my eye was the straight ceiling. Great call back tracking despite the expense,
    work, and huge mess. Nice trim, too, to set it off.
    2. How much you have been able to get in with a U-shaped layout vs. the galley. Especially love the bifold base cabinet and diagonal wall cabinet in the corner to the left of the stove — very nice sink and counters, too.
    3. Your decisions which make this small space look as large as possible–the open cabinets, open shelf,
    the garden window which projects outward, and the white appliances with the white wall cabinets.
    4. I like your use of texture–the stone backsplash, the logs for the backsplash to the right of the fridge, the stone containers I see on your shelves.
    5. Love how you’re putting personality and what you love into this space.
    How is your injured finger doing? Just what you needed with all this work, right? Doreen


    • Thanks so much. I am so tired of caulking and trimming and I am really anxious to start putting the finishing touches on everything but everytime I think I am ready to put the final coat of paint on I see something I missed and of course I have to wait for paint to dry in between coats. This last stretch is just dragging on and on. LOL.

      I had to do so many tricks to make things work but with the caulk and paint some of them are not noticeable. I will point out when I take my final photos.

      Anyway let me get back to this CRAP. LMBO because right now it does feel like crap!!


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