I need help solving another problem

About 4 years ago I purchased this Cuisinart Pot Rack.

And I am hell-bent on using it.  The reason I have not progressed on this kitchen now is because I don’t want to move forward without solving my current problem.  I did not think about putting in the pot rack until after I closed the wall.  Otherwise I would have added some supporting studs.  My question is this…here is my wall with the studs outlined in black

I need two holes 18: apart and another 13″ up from that and centered (see photo of pot rack to picture that).   I have no supporting studs on this wall.  I was thinking of atttaching a piece of 3/16th luan on the wall to stretch between the top and the middle stud and wall to wall (27×26) screwed really well into the studs,  paint it the wall color and then install the rack into the wood


should I open the wall back up and put supporting studs in the wall?  I took a photo of the wall and I am pretty sure there are no studs in there and I plan on hanging my cast iron pans on it.

Please don’t say get rid of the rack because Not putting up the pot rack is NOT an option.  I paid too much money for that thing to sit in my basement for 4 years collecting dust and still not being used.

I took good photos of all the walls so I would know where the studs were but for some reason this is the ONLY section of wall I missed.  I guess because in my mind I was not planning on putting anything on this wall…until after I closed the wall…it’s been in the basement so long I almost forgot about it.  Sometimes I hate my lack of planning…
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PS that photo was taken June 23rd…8 weeks ago.  WOW.

And of course I already threw away every single piece of scrap drywall I had…

15 thoughts on “I need help solving another problem

  1. Are the hooks on it loose? Can you turn it upside down to hook the two fasteners into your top stud? Then all you need to do it brace the bottom one. This would also give you a wonderful place to hang your towel to dry.

    Is there room on the log wall for it?


    • The hooks on it are loose BUT if I were to try and attach it to the top studs upside down it would be pure up to the trim and I will have to angle the toggle bolts in it. I think I already made up my mind to cut a hole, add the studs and be done with it. The last thing I need is for my walls to come crashing down. LOL. I am gong to call the drywall guy back today and see if he will come and do it. It should not take more than 2 hours to cut out, put up the new piece and mud it up ready for paint. I think I have to buy a 2×4 though. here I go again taking steps backwards. LOL

      Oh and no room anywhere in the kitchen for the rack except here and over the table, which will also be in the traffic lane, so that won’t work


      • LOL just kidding. Thanks for sending that when you did. I literally had my hand on the phone getting ready to call the contractor. LOL. That looks very promising. I am going to Lowes when I get off work. FEI (for everyones information) on the Lowes website it is called Toggler instead of snap toggle. I was having difficulty finding it at first.
        You do know that if my wall caves in I will be blaming you right? LOL Thanks!!


  2. I did instruct you not to be swinging on that thing, right? 🙂 You’re welcome. If you were concerned about the drywall holding some super pots, you could have a 1/2″ or 3/4″ piece of plywood cut in a rectangle a little larger than the mounting holes. Sand it up and finish it and put the togglers through that into the wall. You will have a very strong mounting surface that will bring the rack out from the wall a little – to make room for the super, super pots.


    • LOL Yes you did. I actually only have (I think) 3 pots to hang. I am using my cast iron pots and not my expensive pots because they all have stains on them that I can’t get off and don’t care to display anything less than perfect. How can you go wrong with seasoned cast iron? Also I will hang other things that are very light like my four shifter.
      Okay so when you say to make this little plywood do-hickey you are saying make it a little bigger than the size of the hole and not the whole span between the holes right? LOL Okay I admit I have a tendency to over do things.


  3. Your second thought was correct. I was saying make one piece of rectangular plywood that will be large enough to allow all three mounting holes to be drilled into it. All three togglers will attach your rack through the plywood, through the drywall. It acts like a great big washer to reinforce the drywall. You could make the ply any size larger than the hole pattern, it might add a little dimensional detail, but it will certainly strengthen the mounting assembly.


  4. So I am weighing in late, but Paul says the sheetrock anchors should hold up fine. Assuming you get the right ones. And assuming you don’t use it as exercise equipment. He thinks you can go right into the sheetrock… no wood needed.

    Also? If your wall collapses please blame Curt. He suggested it first and should take full responsibility.


  5. Paul & Victoria are correct – the wood is not needed, but knowing you – there might be a chance you will use it as exercise equipment…so just in case….


    • LOL axtually I went out and purchased the ancors but I am not so certain that I dont want to take a section of the wall out and put in another stud and be done with it. I can’t work on it till Friday so I guess I have a coplladays to decide for once and for all


  6. I love how many people are chiming in with INFORMED opinions because me? I have NO IDEA what the hell you should do. All I know is that I agree with you that not hanging the pot rack is not an option. It’s beautiful! Make sure you take pictures when it’s up!!


    • LOL I hope to get to the kitchen a little tonight. This is dragging on too long. Trying to figure out what to do with the rack has held me up but I decided to go ahead and put it up with the bolts. I am getting the house re-sided so I can add the stud from the outside…


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