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Okay tell me if I was wrong here.  I go to a cheap store to buy a cheap dress for one time use.  I need it tomorrow and tomorrow only and I don’t want to run around all night long looking for this cheap dress that I am going to wear one day.  So as cheap clothes go you can hardly find anything to fit.  Uggh I hate cheap clothes and I hate shopping for clothes in stores.  I dress okay, definitely not a fashionista.

I finally find one dress…..ONE out of all the dresses in this store that is my size and cut right.  But oh of course there is a catch to that…the top button is missing. So I go back to see if there are any more and there is only ONE more of the same dress in the store and its a size 6.  My pinky won’t fit in a six..  So I go up to customer service and I ask her if she can take the button off the itty-bitty dress so I can put it on my dress.  She was like are you kidding me?  Uhhhh no I was not kidding.  She said they would write the dress off for the missing button. We went back and forth until I asked for a manager.  Manager comes up and she tells manager “She wants to buy this dress with a missing button and wants me to destroy this perfectly good dress by taking a button off it so she can have it.  I told her I can’t do that and now she wants you to settle this.”  WHAT??  LOL talking about explaining a story in a biased way.  Manager gave me the same story she did about writing the dress off for being damaged.  My rationale is that if they  gave me the button they still have one dress that they will mark down or off and one dress at whole value so I couldn’t see the difference.  She said she is not going to destroy a totally good dress.  I asked her if she can find the dress in my size in the back or something.  NO.  I ask her what if I take the button off.  She said I will be visiting the magistrate for theft of a button.  LOL ARE YOU KIDDING ME??

Okay fine so I let her mark said dress down and I guess I will try to find a pin or something to put in the place of the top button.  She said no returns and she wrote off $2.50.  I asked her when was the last time she bought buttons because there were 12 buttons on that  dress and there was no way I would be able to buy 12 buttons for $2.50.  She agrees but says only one is missing and $2.50 is generous for one button.  I told her the probability of finding one button to match this was nearly impossible and therefore I would have to buy a whole set.  She wouldn’t budge off that $2.50. She had me by the balls… so I purchased the dress.

I am going to report the incident to their headquarters.  AM I wrong for that?

It’s not easy being a chick I swear.  The crap we have to go through.  Out of curiosity I wonder how men would have handled this situation…

9 thoughts on “side tracked topic

  1. SMH. You have the luck, don’t you? I don’t see what the difference is! All you needed was the button to make your dress that you were purchasing from their store whole. They could have worked with you. On a side not, have you checked the inside of the dress really well? Sometimes they sew an extra button inside in case one comes off. Just a thought.


  2. You can make a normal day such fun to read. Okay, this wasn’t just a normal day. But I enjoyed waking up to it.

    Do the buttons go all the way to the bottom of dress? Or to the waist? Hide it with a skinny belt? I’d find one close enough and put one someplace other than the top button. Or leave the top button off, unless this would change the entire look having the dress open there.

    Now that I think of it, I don’t know if there has ever been a time I checked someone’s outfit to make sure all the buttons matched.

    And you already know this, but “button down” the rest of the buttons with some extra thread. Guess if you had known this before you could have tried on the size they suggested and popped a few buttons with ease.


    • LOLOLOL…yeah u right about that (popping the buttons off the smaller size). I am used to being on the thin side and in really good shape therefore I always wear my dresses a little “snug” to show off my figure but I have to change that mind set. I gained all this weight when I quit smoking and I am not really happy about that. I gain years by allowing my lungs to breathe then choke my heart out with fat!! LOL. I have to lose it…its time. Next month will be a year. Although it seems the guys really like it strangely enough. Well some guys. You know there are some men who love a donkey butt and the bigger the better…I just say to that…to each his own. My ex…two exes ago…used to try to feed me triple portions to fatten me up. I like being shapely with a slight muscle tone about me and being able to grab a handful of stomach is just not a turn on to me. But to each his own for me also!!

      Anyway I put a pin on the top button and then right before I left I sat down on my bed and pop, the bottom button popped. LOL. In my defense I knew I should have reinforced those buttons but my sewing kit is in my office desk and I wasn’t going to work, so I pinned the bottom one too. I was hoping all the buttons didn’t pop off and my dress fly wide open (buttons went from cleavage to hem)…that would have been a disaster for sure!! I had to go to a judicial hearing for work and I was up against a lawyer and a really big dog real estate developer and I was not feeling secure, in fact I was intimidated a little. So normally I would have worn a power suit and strutted in there and presented my case in confidence but this one is different. In fact it could wind up being sent to the Supreme Court so I wanted to give the impression I am just a poor appraiser trying to do my job so they wouldn’t attack me too bad. After all that strategy…the case was continued. It would have been funny to see the reaction if all my buttons did pop off and my dress flew open. would it have been:
      She won!
      Arrest that woman!! (for indecent exposure)
      LOLOLOL I love starting the day off with a laugh…hope you are laughing also.


  3. Darn, didn’t look at the date of your post. I’m not getting email from you, signed up again. Way too late on a comment.

    How did the dressy night go?


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