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Blind Base Cabinet fix

I wanted to put two lazy Susan’s in my kitchen but I was 2″ too short on wall length for that so I had to get a lazy Susan for one side and a blind base cabinet on the other. Have you ever tried to reach into a blind base?  Nearly impossible to get all the way to the end from the door.  Quite frankly I was going to use the cabinet as is and have a grand  space to hoard without being discovered but realistically I knew that  would be such a waste of precious cabinet space.  Thanks to my friends on Gardenweb they hipped me to websites that sell organizers for cabinets.  I would have never thought to do this.  I found and liked this:

and they even had the dimensions of it.  How nice of them!!

The KIT cost $396.57 and I do not even see how anyone can justify that cost!! My next thought, of course,  was…I can make that!  I want to modify it to my needs which is to only have one sliding shelf in the hidden part of the cabinet verses two because I want to keep the shelf I have in there for things I do not use very often.  And the plan was to do it later when I have time.

When I ordered my cabinets they did not have the smaller sink base cabinet so they suggested I buy the regular base and convert it.  This would entail removing the drawer and the sliding components, take the front of the drawer off and attach it to the cabinet. Guess what idea popped into my head?  When I take the drawer out I can attach the drawer front to the face of the cabinet, use the sliding pieces from the drawer to make a shelf  and use the actual  drawer to make a bed for bear!! I had to do this before they put the countertop on because the space is too small to try to work from through the doorway.

Step One: I cut a piece of wood for the shelf. I did not want the side piece to be too thick and thus make the tray too heavy so I found a piece of fencing plank and ripped it in half, then cut it down to size.I butted it against the  outside of my tray bottom and attached it.  Then I put the railing on the side.

When I tried to put it in the cabinet it did not fit.  WHAT THE HAY??  SO I left the wood where it was and moved the rails to the other edges.Now it fit.

I like it better like this anyway because now the raised part will be the front and back and I have some place to put my handles on…

I had to rush and paint the whole thing because I was trying to get it done before the contractors needed to put in the counter tops. Here is how it looks.  I did not post it before because I needed to touch up the paint.  I tried to do it tonight but forgetaboutit.  The cabinet is too deep.

I had to put a flashlight in here so I can take the photo…

I was going to add a top sliding shelf like in the plan and I purchased the rail BUT I decided to keep the shelf that is in there. I was also going to put the swing-out door and I purchased the piano hinge but not now… I am going to leave it as it is for now.  I don’t have to time to be trying to get all fancy-dancy.  Maybe that’s a project for a later date..I have a deadline to make here (tomorrow night)…



6 thoughts on “Blind Base Cabinet fix

  1. I continue to be amazed at your ingenuity. And that you have the skill to make what you think up. Or modify something to turn it into what you need. Or repurpose it. Although? I bet sometimes you get tired of having to deal with the challenges of altering stuff!!


  2. You are one inventive rascal, I’ll give you that. It’ll all work out in the end and all these cabinet gymnastics will be a distant memory. Keep up the good work.


  3. whoah this blog is magnificent! I love reading your posts. Keep up the good posting! You realize, a lot of people are hunting around for this info, you can help them greatly.


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