I can’t help myself

I think I have adult ADD and I am sooo over this kitchen and ready to move on.  I  asked one of my contractor’s workers to come over this weekend and help me out. If he comes…where we stop Saturday evening is going to be the extent of my construction on the kitchen. I have to get the floor done, the basement door framing done (and the door has to come off and I can’t do it by myself without falling down the steps and breaking my neck which since my kids don’t want my house will make all my work in vain…), need trim work cut (I can’t do crown… at all… period) and I need HELP.  Its not often I ask for help but I need it to finish up my bachelorette pad.  It’s not looking good at all right now and its making me look bad.  Dust everywhere, nothing in place, no food in the house, dog tearing stuff up left and right….  I will be a bachelorette forever at this rate and uhhhh never mind.  I almost said something that would definitely be TMI!! LOL I bet men and women’s minds will go in opposite directions on that one.

The main thing on my mind right now is I HAVE to get the stuff out the storage room so I can fill it up with stuff from my mudroom.   Mudroom and bathroom are next. I am ready to move on!!Mudroom plans…take down the shelves put drywall up, new floor paint, close off doorway and make shelves there, use the top of china cabinet and build some kind of shelving to go under it….extend closet on other side of wall, paint a welcoming color, get back door fixed, put screen door on it, paint the door RED.

Bathroom plans…get the wall words off the wall, paint the bathroom…that’s it for now.  Not sure what to do with that tub.  Can they take it out without trashing the whole bathroom??

I have to get EVERYTHING done by Thanksgiving so I can include it in my book.   That is if I can find the first four years I already have ready LOL

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