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ohhhh it is soooo coming together…

I will post photos later but right now I am putting tools away.  I went from 4 small tool drawers in the kitchen to 3 big ones.  LOL. It feels like heaven!!

I went to put some things in the tool box and hmmmmm, I found a Dremel.   I been searching the Internet lately looking for a Dremel and wondering which one is the best to do some wood carving and then bam…discover I had one all along.  I have no friggin idea where it came from.  Maybe my handy ex (that would be two ex’s ago which we broke up like 3 years ago so it’s been a while).  It is a Dremel 800 cordless model which is not expensive.  I looked it up and it comes in a hard case so if I brought it I would still have the case…in the basement.  ugggh.  I will check it out later.  It being in the tool box verses the case tells me that I did not purchase it because I like the hard cases and I still have all my pneumatic tools in them.

As for that stupid door…the paint crackled but the crackle was so light you can’t see it and the other color never came through.  I am abandoning that idea, repainting the door and keeping it moving okaaay?

I will however give you some sneak peeks:

I am working on my drop down table.  I went from mosaics with tiles to gluing pennies, back to mosaics but now with beans then to a design filled in with fishtank gravel and lastly to painting it.  I couldn’t make up my mind what I was going to do with the table but last night I was thinking I was going to transfer a design on it and fill in the design by handpainting it.  Well fate made the final decision for me.  See, what happened was…

I had these 3 monkeys printed and I was going to stencil them on the wall last night.  When I finished cutting out the first monkey I accidentally stabbed myself in the stomach with the exacto knife.  That joker is sharp and a stab wound with an exacto knife hurts like CRAZY.  It wasn’t a deep wound, just enough to make me scream in pain but not enough blood to soak a band-aid.  Okay so I was pissed and I threw the monkey on the wood and then when I looked at it I liked it.  An accident gone right.  LOL  I can’t decide what color to paint the table just yet.  I think tan.  Oh excuse me La Fonda Boulder or maybe the toasted chestnut, which both of them look like the same color to me.  Anyway so this is the unpainted version of my drop down table:

I also changed my mind about the fabric for my chair when I found the fabric for my valance.  The top fabric is for the valance and the bottom fabric is for the chairs that the church gave me….For those of you who started with me on GardenWeb you may remember that I wanted to incorporate some lime green in the kitchen.  Well here it is LOL

But realistically  the only thing that will probably be completed today is the floor.

This is stick on vinyl so it shouldn’t be too painful.

The counters are finally cleaned off and the burners soaking in my deeeeeeeeep sink.  Oh God I love that sink!!

Okay back to work.  I been on break for over an hour.  That makes me feel like a slacker.  LOL

Oh wait…one more thing.  When I was in the fabric store I found this embroidered fabric that I am drooling to make a bedspread out of….It was only $7.99 a yard.  I am thinking I only need two yards to do my bedspread shortcut…I will share that when the time comes..

I can’t wait to start working on the bedroom but that is like 4 rooms from now…


I hope I can stay on track and finish the rooms like I plan…

in order

in their entirety.



6 thoughts on “ohhhh it is soooo coming together…

  1. OH Loving the Valance and chair fabric. Kitchen is looking great!! Funny on the Dremel. I could not wait to get rid of the bulky box. Used a small vintage train case for mine. Fits on my craft room shelf better. Your faux brick wall looks really good with the stove hood.


    • Thank u. I actually have 3 seperate tool boxes and shelves of tools. Not that I can use them all…for instance…I have a sprayer. A real deal sprayer that I do not have the foggiest idea how to use 😦


  2. Ms. Jay! It’s looking so good. I love the picture of the kitchen, it’s really coming together. I also like those floor tiles. I want to put those in my bedroom when we get to that (it’s the last room in my house with carpet)

    Thanks for the updates!


    • @ Victoria…Thank you. When I pieced the rosewood together I had to use some caulk. I ran out of paint and I have to figure out am I going to buy another $7 can just so I can get a few drops out of it to retouch this up? I have to fix that as it is the focal point of the whole kitchen.


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