This weekend I been wasting time on the computer looking for this no sew technique I found on a blog to hang a valance on a 1×2 piece of wood. I made a comment on it and now I can not find it in my links, bookmarks, pinterest, reader or anywhere and I know I … Continue reading

Kitchen…just checking in
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Kitchen…just checking in

As I started putting things away in my kitchen I felt as if I was moving in all over again. I have so much stuff and I swear I must have some gypsy in my blood because I am not one to enjoy a lot of empty space. For some reason I feel like I should fill every single available nook and cranny and when I have company they are always looking around distracted when I am trying to talk. The comment I always hear is your place is so interesting. LOL Not sure if that is a nice way of saying hoarderish and/or junky but I hope not as that was not the goal. I did throw a lot of things away so I KNOW I am not as bad as those ppl on Continue reading