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Kitchen…just checking in

Am I a hoarder??

As I started putting things away in my kitchen I felt as if I was moving in all over again.   I have so much stuff and I swear I must have some gypsy in my blood because I am not one to enjoy a lot of empty space.  For some reason I feel like I should fill every single  available nook and cranny and when I have company they are always looking around distracted when I am trying to talk.  The comment I always hear is your place is so interesting.  LOL Not sure if that is a nice way of saying hoarderish and/or junky but I hope not as that was  not the goal.  I did throw a lot of things away so I KNOW I am not as bad as those ppl on Hoarders…Buried Alive.  Actually those ppl are just plain nasty and I am no where near that. I just like to save stuff for a future date or to sell or to give away or for my yard sales I been planning all of my adult life and have yet to have.  SMH…

As I was putting spices away I looked around and you would think I cook on a regular basis up in this joint.  I must say I am well equipped to make a decent meal but some of this stuff hasn’t been touched in a while.  I wouldn’t say a real long while but I would say a good while.  I do enjoy cooking sometimes.  I plan on getting back into it  and trying to live a healthier lifestyle because Subway, Taco Bell and McDonalds is certainly not healthy, no matter how many salads I get from them.  I probably will feel a lot better once I start eating real food again too.

Anyway I am faaaaar from finished… but I am done for tonight!

Four of my  grand kids are coming over tomorrow so I have to get some kind of order in here so they don’t kill themselves up in Nana’s house.  They have been begging to come visit so it will be nice to see them but you know how it is with kids.  One of my grandsons who is 6 this year will grab tools and if he is too quiet you have to check on him because he is likely to be taking a door off a hinge or something.  That boy loves taking things apart and loves tools.   He got it honest BUT… he can take his Mommas place apart, not mine…so I already know…put all of the tools up before he gets here.  LOL

Oh and PS…I still have a lot of things to bring in the kitchen from the shed. I hope after all this I am not going to still be busting out at the seams I have 2 small drawers empty and two narrow cabinets.  Pots will not fit in those narrow cabinets so I am a little worried.

consider this one a before shot because there are several things I am going to change in it.

I think I will get up early in the morning and go to the grocery store and get some food and cook dinner for my daughter and her family.  That will be nice. …I have a taste for slow cooked pot roast, basmati rice and gravy, broccoli and apple pie w/ butter pecan ice-cream for dessert. Yup the year is almost over so I do need to fire up that stove and oven at least one time this year.  LOL…

(I hope you know I am exaggerating when I talk about not cooking so don’t be thinking to yourself sooo that’s why she’s single.  Noooo… I am single by my choice.  I just like to joke and be funny but don’t let me make you have a bad impression of me.  I can cook I just haven’t since I started renovating…5 years ago.  LOL just kidding…there I go again…actually I been renovating the kitchen for 2 months)

12 thoughts on “Kitchen…just checking in

    • @ Chris…I didn’t realize you could see the hand from the photos. Are you speaking of the one I have taped on the basement door? You are very observant. That is a Hamsa which brings good luck and happiness to the home and protects against people who do not mean you any good.


  1. I am a “yard sale fantasizer” too!! Our town has a town-wide yard sale every year, and every year I want to participate… and Paul talks me out of it. He says—how much do you think you’ll make? And then he says that’s how much he’ll pay me to not force him to help me drag stuff in and out of the house and act like a crazy person getting organized.

    The first time I saw Hoarders, I was shocked by how much I could relate to those people. Not the scary gross aspects, but the strong attachment to their “stuff.” I cannot throw ANYTHING away. I’ll put stuff in a pile for goodwill and then it will sit there because I feel some kind of attachment to it. Watching Hoarders actually HELPS me get rid of stuff, because it makes me see my own behavior in a different light.

    Your kitchen looks AWESOME. You must be so proud!! Have fun with your grandkids!


    • @ Victoria…Exactly my thought when I am watching it. I actually tape hoarders and make my grandsons watch it when they visit. It grosses them out but they are just so sloppy I have to make them watch it as a reality check. It makes them stay neat for the weekend. LOL. Anyway I was watching one the other day and this woman had a house piled up to the ceiling with garbage. NOT JUST JUNK ALSO GARBAGE. She collected frogs or something and she did not see anything wrong with her collecting all this crap. When interviewing her family they said she wasn’t always like this although she was always the type of person who “saved things”. Then she got depressed and her collecting turned into an obsession and it crossed over from stuff to stuff and garbage. How do you get to that point? That is what was scary to me and God knows if I get depressed I better get some medicine because I could never live like that…although right now I feel like I am on the verge of having a hoarderish looking house with so much stuff out of place.

      I have piles of good things in my barn to sell at yard sales and every year I have the nerve to go out there and check the stuff to make sure varmints haven’t gotten to it. LOL. And this is stuff I kept in my storage room in Florida for 5 years. I gotta get rid of some of this stuff. See like I have this dinette set I hardy ever used and it is in mint condition and I paid good money for it. I know some jerk would try to offer me $100 for it (or less) and not give a second thought to it. I rather keep my stuff than to get raped at a yard sale. Screwed up logic I know BUT any excuse is better than none. That’s my story and I am sticking to it. LOLOLOL

      I found my self going behind the contractor taking what he considered garbage and I considered salvageable wood out the trash. I rethunk that and threw it all away in the end. LOL

      Thanks for the thumbs up on the kitchen. I am not sure if the grands are coming today :-(. Its raining cats and dogs here and thundering like the earth is falling apart.


  2. Yes that hand. You had me confused on the green screen door. I thought it was next, to right ,of your table. Guess I was looking closer at the picture when I saw the Hamsa and the green door and realized it was to the right of your sink. I was trying to figure where I was in your house and that is the basement door on the left with the Hansma on it.

    It is a MUST I do a Hamsa for here. I need it more than ever lately. The vision is coming to me. If I can get my city work done enough today and house cleaned I think I will start on it. Black outline ,purple fill on mirror a few pretty beads. Just need some thing as a backer. OK Maybe just picture frame to fit the mirror. This is going to be fun!! Thanks for a nice days release.

    The monkeys are darling painted.


    • @ Chris…Ah HA. I was wondering how in the heck because I purposefully kept it out of the photos because I only had the paper up and it is a project that I am going to feature using a transfer technique I found on the web. At least I thought I kept it out LOL. I did see it in the photo you are talking about and I thought to myself, no one will notice it….Good eye you have there.

      When you come in my back door you are facing and smack dab in the middle of my laundry/mud room. If you turn left you will be going to the bathroom. If you turn right there is a small hallway which on the right is my screen door dish pantry and on the left is the basement door. Three more steps and you are in the kitchen with the sink on the right. One day I am going to test it out but I believe if I walked in my back door it would only take about 40 steps to get out the front door. My house is VERY small.

      I went with the Hebrew Hamsa. The elements for the protection are the eye and the fish. I guess if you look up Hamsa you will get the story and all the elements to use as an amulet. That would fit in nicely in your decor as well because of all your mosaics. I can’t wait to see what you come up with.


  3. Forgot.

    Sorry your Grand kids might not be able to make it. you will have to eat that whole pie and ice cream all by your self. Such a pity. ;^)


  4. Working on it now. BUT I need to wait for the silicone to set up. Also do some dang city work as there is too much on my plate for my four office hours tomorrow. Meeting deadlines again. :^(

    So tease. It is only four by four inches. So far it is in rainbow iridescent, turquoise,gold mirror, and plumish. I really really want to keep playing with it so if I hurry up and get real work done I might have a picture of work in progress later tonight.

    Fun times.


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