This weekend I been wasting time on the computer looking for this no sew technique I found on a blog to hang a valance on a 1×2 piece of wood. I made a comment on it and now I can not find it in my links, bookmarks, pinterest, reader or anywhere and I know I saved it because I looked at it a few times getting my game plan in my head but purposefully left it alone till I was nearly finished with the kitchen….  That pisses me off.

Can someone tell me why I still have this sign displayed in my kitchen even though I am an empty nester??  There must be some kind of psychology behind it…is it a reminder to myself as to why I am living alone, is it because I was thinking I want my baby boy to come live with me so I can keep an eye on him (got that bright idea from TV…Big Ang… LOL), is it because I want to rub it in my kids face that they wanted out so bad and now that they are out they can stay out and don’t even ask? .. I REALLY downsized, I mean I did move into a teeny-tiny house and now I continue to display my sign.   LMBO… sometimes I don’t understand my own self!!




And lastly why can’t I find my keys???


One thought on “Thoughts

  1. Maybe it’s a reminder to yourself why you don’t WANT them back—because the last time they lived there they made you crazy… not on purpose, but just because that’s the way teenagers are.

    I’m with my family on vacation and it’s funny how all the kids revert back to about ten years younger. And? My one brother will NOT clean up his dishes/snacks. It makes me CRAZY. I’m like—REALLY? Who cleans up after you at your house?


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