Yup Still Busting at the Seams

I went food shopping today and First of all I was pissed at the prices in the store.  Every time I go in there it seems like prices are going up up up.  That does not make any sense! But I cooked a full course meal and it was yumm yummm yummm.  I tried to make some bread also but apparently I forgot how to use the breadmaker because the raw dough has been kneeded and punched and risen and there it sits  raw.  I don’t have time to look and see what the deal is with it tonight.  Any suggestions out there in cyberworld?

When I brought in the groceries I found that I still don’t have enough room in the kitchen.  I am still busting at the seams.  I love the size of the kitchen but in order for it to work I will have to have a pantry and I am NOT using the basement for a pantry.

I had a lot of hardware to remove off of doors and drawers so I put my grandson to work with the drill.  He wanted to take the drill home.  LOL my daughter was not having that…not that I was going to let him take it home.  They all took turns removing hardware then putting it all back on.  Off on off on.  Grace said this was the most fun she ever had.  Cameron said he loves the drill.   They were quiet and busy the whole time. No arguing.   hmmmph I must do this again.  I really wanted them to polish some pennies for me but that project could not compete with the drill.  Maybe next time.

I sent my daughter to Walmart and she sends me a text of some dude working in the store.  I did not know what the text was about so I did not respond.  When she gets back to the house she tells me she found the perfect man for me and she gave him my phone number.  I could choke her!  So now if I get any unknown numbers I’m not answering.  LOL

All in all the day turned out great.

5 thoughts on “Yup Still Busting at the Seams

  1. So gad to hear it was a good day and you got to cook your first big meal in your new kitchen.

    I sent you an email of the beginning Hamsa.

    Maybe you can put a tall cabinet in laundry room for pantry. Or build one in. I forget what your laundry room looked like.

    Got to ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz Work day tomorrow :^(



  2. No matter how much storage you THOUGHT you included… it’s never enough. Pantry will be a nice addition.

    I’m cracking up that your daughter is handing out your number at Walmart. But? You never know. Maybe he was fixing something, and she thought of you…


  3. @Chris- Your Hamsa is coming out great. Can’t wait to see the final product!
    @Victoria- I just think some of my cabinets are too small but I am formulating my plans for a pantry. Her passing out my number is not funny. LOL. She makes me look as if I am desperate for a man or something. That is terrible. She feels I will have a better chance of finding Mr right if I let someone set me up. Okay yeah and she can judge a person working in Walmart…. in a few minutes. she claimed she interviewed him. He told her he is closing on his house next week. ummmm hmmm. he says he is retired…which makes him too old for me anyway. I will not be looking for an old man when the time comes!


  4. MsJ,thanks on the Hamsa. Will work on it more when I have some time. Kind of busy the next few days.:^(

    Do not judge retiring as always old. We retired 1986 when my husband was 45 and I was 35. We have always had part time jobs since then just for some thing to do.


    • Well she sent me a photo of the guy and he looks to be a couple of years older than me…my real age not the age I look. LOL. I don’t know I just see most single guys in their 50’s to have too many issues for me.


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