I am feeling some kind of way

Did you ever have a situation going on and you just don’t know how to feel about it so you dread the worst?  That is how I am feeling.

I had Santos doing some work for me.  He priced the job, brought two workers and left them.  They finished the job in 3 or 4 days, I can’t remember how long it took but I do remember that Santos was rushing them to finish so he could get paid and in the end there were some things that needed to be corrected.  Despite that…. I was still highly satisfied with the work.  In my experience with Santos I knew good and darn well he was not going to want to correct anything for free soooo I hired worker A to come back on his own.  He corrected the mess-ups at my expense (they were minor) and he did a lot more.  Those who been following along already know that.

Now let me back up in the story to before worker A came over, back to when Santos had his guys here.  While they were here, since I had all my tools out, they used my tools.  At first I tried to secure them so they wouldn’t use them but they did anyway and then I was okay with it.  I did not mind because that made less of a mess and I was sick and bed ridden and I did not have the energy to argue about it.   I had crap everywhere in here.  A couple of days after they finished Santos called me on the phone and asked me if he left his nail gun at my house.  I said no his guys were using my nail gun.  He said that was because his gun broke but they left it on the porch.  He said he knows it’s here because they could not find it in his truck.  I told him I would look but I doubt it and he needs to check the various cars they were using.  We finished the conversation on a good note…or so I thought.

Okay so now fast forward back to worker A coming back.  I did feel a little bad about hiring worker A until he told me that he did not have a lot of work with Santos because Santos was having a lot of problems with his truck.  In fact, that made me feel a lot better about it.  Mainly because I needed him and he needed work.  While he was here I pulled my jig saw out its tool bag and I discovered there was an extra jig saw in there.  I asked worker A if this is what Santos said he was missing and he said yes.  After he left for the day I called Santos to tell him I found his saw and one of his extension cords.  No answer.  I left a message.  No return call.  I called again Monday morning to see if he got my message…no answer again.  I left another message.  Now of course I am panicking thinking that he knows worker A was here and he is pissed at me.  Wednesday I send him a text message asking him if he got my voicemail…no response.  Yup…I think he knows and he’s pissed.  Now of course he has to know this may happen from time to time.    That’s like when I go to the beauty parlor and switch hairdressers.  Makes me feel so frigging sneaky BUT the bottom line is that I am paying for a service and I can use whom I want to perform that service because in the end I have that freedom and nothing ever happens to the hairdresser you switched to right?  So this should be no different right?

When worker A was here I told him I need him for at least 3 Saturdays.  I have a lot of crown I want put up, I have another floor to put down and it would be nice if he put sheetrock up in my living room and bedroom.  Plus I need help with my bedroom ceiling; I definitely cannot drape it by myself.  He said okay, he will be here no matter what.

Today I call Lowes to see if they still had their free delivery option available and to find out if I can get the drywall delivered tomorrow.  Special is off.  Great.  I don’t have any idea how I can get drywall here unless I either pay for delivery OR rent a truck.  Then when I got home tonight …Thursday night, I decide to call worker A to make sure he is still coming on Saturday before I go through all the trouble of trying to find a way to get the drywall here.  I look in my contacts list and his number is no longer in there.  Huh.  How did that happen?  Probably that darn T-Mobile back up crap I just noticed they put on my phone…  Anyway I go to my text messages and find his number there.  I dial it…  Blee, bleee, blee the number you have dialed is temporarily disconnected or no longer in service, if you think this is an error please hang up and try dialing it again.   OH GOD I AM DOOMED.  Santos must have found out he came over here, fought him, cut him, then fired him and then had him thrown in jail and now he is being deported.  And I am royally screwed.  I finally find someone I am 100% happy with the quality of his work and his prices and I not only  lose him but I also ruin the man’s career.  What have I done?  How can I fix this??   I am never going to finish.  What kind of cruel fate is this?  Oh GOD and I gave  all my furniture away to my niece and I can’t call her and tell her our deal is off  until I find someone else to come in here and finish the work….  I am going to be sitting in a raggedy butt house on the floor forevvvvvvver.  Tears start falling.  This is so frigging typical.  It’s like it is not meant for me to have anything go right when I try to do something for myself.  I always do so many things for others and it’s uncommon for me to concentrate on me.  Now that I am, of course nothing is going right.  Well it is but with a whole lot of glitches.

Pacing the floor, wringing hands…I have no time to do this on my own, some of it I can’t do, finals coming up in school in two weeks, I am busting my butt trying not to drown even though I have no place to study peacefully in here.  Oh goodness,  I am going to have a tore up house for months, I know it.  I am not trusting to hire anyone else, no more money to waste.   I will just have to do it on my own when I have time.  OH GOD!!!  When do I have time??  What did I do to deserve this??

I need to slap myself in the face and grab my chin and tell myself to calm the hell down.  I have some anxiety pills here somewhere.  I need to take one.

Take a deep breath if nothing else.

Maybe he will show up on Saturday.

I have a sneaking suspicion he won’t.


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