Good News!

Worker A called me today and said he will be here in the morning.  THANK THE LORD.  I was worried to death about this.  Problem is that I do not have the drywall 😦  I think I have enough other stuff to keep him busy though.

And yes I jumped the gun and panicked to no end.  There is a reason for that.  I have this little problem that whenever I can’t get someone on the phone after the second try I freak out and start imagining the worst.  Someone very very close to me was murdered a few years ago.  Someone broke in her house and killed her when she caught him trying to rob her.  That night  I was trying to call her on the phone over and over and no answer.  Next day over and over, no answer.  It was so out of character for her so I  must have called 50 times before I finally called the police. I did not even think the worst at the time but the result was something more horrible than I could have ever imagined.   Okay I don’t want to talk about it anymore I just mentioned it to you so you know why I went off the deep end.  Well I exaggerated it a little trying to be funny but I really was panicked also which is why I stayed up most of the frigging night.

Anyway lets concentrate on Worker A being here in the morning.  yaaaaaaaay

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