Livingroom thoughts

I didn’t get a wink of sleep last night.  Worried if the weekend is going to be a bust by Worker A not coming back to work.  Well I will do what I can and that’s all I can do.

I have to finish because my head is exploding with ideas for my livingroom.  This is my favorite style of couch design.  I am not into the jewel colors at all.  Its too bright for me..

So in studying it I see one solid on the bottom that appears to be wrapped around the base and back with buttons of a color picked out from layer 2

Layer two is striped with one color being on the base

Layer three is a paisley design

This is what I found…I forgot about the back pillows…

layer 2 stripes

Layer 1 solid and layer 3 paisley (ish)…that colors are all off in the photos.  plain fabric is redish not orange

Trim on the pillows (will have to find something similar cause this is $29 a YARD!!!  Are they kidding me??

Or this one depends on which pillow needs the trim

I think buttons in green oo of the stripe fabric and walls in a gold will be appropiate.

Going from the living room is my bedroom so I guess I am going to have to make it a Paprika color.  Forget the brown fabric I showed you…not after the color psychology and the shades of brown thingy I posted…

I think I am digging this pattern for the bedspread

or this

with pillows from this  maybe

I am not set on the bedroom scheme yet…need to let the livingroom take shape first, then I can make up my mind.

I also like this fabric and it may look better with my paprika walls.

What do you think?

Oh and all this Fabric is from a store that everything is $7.99 a yard!!

More photos

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