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checking in…again

I  worked on my table this evening.  I still have to put the glass like coating on it and then mount it to the wall.  Just another step closer.  Monkeys and leaves are put on with  Modge Podge.  I was apprehensive about this stuff but I am liking it a lot!!  There will be a printable on this project.

I went into Lowes twice today.  I want to buy a small butane blow torch for my table coating and a new blade for my X-acto knife but I saw those clearance racks and I walked the whole joint  determined I was going to find the rest of them that are hidden all round the store I forgot.   all about what I was supposed to be looking for. A.D.D. remember?  That’s my story and I am sticking to it.

8 thoughts on “checking in…again

  1. Ms Jay – you’re my kinda woman.You and I have found a way to channel or hyperactivity into something productive. Keep up the great work!


  2. Love it that you forgot and have an excuse. I had a stroke a number of years ago and I too am sticking to my story when it comes to forgetting what I came for. We are just lucky to have an excuse. Did you find any other good finds in the clearance sections?


  3. I laughed at the “small blow torch.” As though you considered a monster-sized one. Lol. If you don’t wander around, you will never find the one thing you most need that is so cheap… this applies at the Neiman Marcus outlet too…


    • I purposefully changed it to say small because if I left it at just a torch people would picture me with a big one and not put it past me to be using it. “What is she doing NOW” LOL
      and hmmmm under your name it tells me how many posts I have approved for you. It went from 42 to two. Did you change something? Or maybe I did. Your old comments are still there.


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