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Muck Up

I had to take my curtains article down temporarily.  Today after I figured how to VERY EASILY cut the poles (and no I did not use a steak knife LOL, I used a metal jig saw blade and it cut like butter) I went to put my finials on  and they did not fit.  WHAAAAAAT?  Are you kidding me?  I go back to the chair tip package and they say they were 5/8ths of an inch and the pole says it is 1/2 inch so you would think that the tips would slide right on over the ends of the poles  with an 1/8 of an inch to spare right?

Riiiiiiiight…keep on dreaming people.  They don’t make DIY too easy these days.  I am pretty sure the next size chair tip was 1-1/2 inches and that was way too big so I have to use what I have to get what I want so I had to think, think, oh … thats a song isn’t it?  LOL Well atleast I am in a good mood about it.

I cut a rectangular slit in the rubber.  It cut like butter. I then squeezed it into the hole to see if it would fit.  Barely.

You can see my paint smudges clearer than you can see the slit

I guess once the curtain is on there you won’t see the muck up at all.  It will just have to remain like this until I figure it out.

I took the tutorial down because there were a few things that need to be changed and I don’t have time to do it right now.  I have to take my neighbor out to dinner for his birthday…and I don’t wanna hear no smart remarks from the peanut gallery either.  The man just turned 89.  LOL

I could so stay at home and blog all day long if it paid me more than what my job pays me.  Operative words…more than.  Hmmmph, I pointed that out as if I get paid anything to blog.  No my dears…unfortunately I don’t.  No money, no free samples, no sponsors 😦




8 thoughts on “Muck Up

  1. They are really cute. I had to look close to figure out where the problem was. wondering in measurements is OD and not inside?


  2. Well get with it. Joking. LOL I sewed two pair of curtains last week and really enjoyed it. Been awhile since I did any sewing. Going to add some pretty trim to a shirt as soon as my fingers allow. I am picturing it hand applied. Right now I am still buried in my studio, pantry, closet, organization projects. Sewing room is already done and I am so enjoying it.


    • I need to make a place to sew. I am tired of getting ripped off on clothes, pillows, comforters, knick knacks and paddy wacks. I know how to sew beautifully but I just don’t have a place I can stretch out it. I inherited my Momma’s Viking Embroidery Machine and she had the whole kits and kaboodles so when I get to it I am sure I am going to have a ball.


  3. OH lucky you. Would love a fancy machine like that. Yes you do need space to be able to sew. This last sewing session for me was a test to see if the new room arrangement works and it really does well. New smaller table makes room for ironing board too and that is always a good thing. And it fits over the two smaller fabric storage trunks with out moving them like I would have to have done with older table I had. Another good thing. Anything to make set up and clean up easier. Added bonus is room is really pretty and a joy to be in.


    • I know right!! I had a viking machine a long time ago, without the embroidery capabilities and it was such a pleasure to sew on. I tried other machines and they just were not of the same caliber. I am glad I am the one to have inherited it because I wouldda fought tooth and nails for it. LOLOLOLOL


  4. Holy cow you do projects at the speed of light. I cannot keep up with you, even on paper.

    I’m assuming you made those finials in your metal shop/clay oven/craft workshop… while gutting a room and researching fabric…
    p.s.- 89 year-olds need love too.


    • I haven’t finished anything yet. LOL Finials were the wood ones I brought at Lowes. It took me an hour to paint them. I have a headache I been on this computer so much. That was why I said I could so be a professional blogger if the circumstances were right.


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