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Bedroom Ceiling Intro

I dream of a super romantic bedroom to include a fabric draped ceiling. I don’t know why but I always wanted this in my bedroom.  I once had mosquito netting around my bed and yes that was very  romantic but it got in the way at times and made the romance fizzle if you know what I mean.  LOL  I had to eventually take it down.  It looked oh so romantic though and I loved the feeling when I closed it all around the bed.

I checked the Internet several times over the years and directions to tent the ceiling were skimpy at best.  I decided I would try my best to figure it out.  I recently went searching for fabric and OMG the cheapest and most cost-effective I could find in the stores was sheer white fabric 100″ wide at 7.99 a yard.  No way could I afford that.  Then I happened upon this photo

And in the description she said she used septic tank liner fabric.  hmmmm.  I looked it up and the correct name of it is soil separator trench wrap.  It is 36″ wide and you get 150 feet for $14.99 a ROLL or 30 cents a yard at Home Depot.  (It costs a little more than that at Lowes)   Now if I was a dude I would have had an erection at that price.  LOL

Since I started writing this I read another article where you can use tulle for the same effect and I found it on the Internet for $9.95 for 40 yards (25 cents a yard!!) but the good thing about that is the roll is 54″ wide and it comes in colors.  The choice breaks down to less draping with tulle, less expensive and not quite as sheer with septic fabric.Some of my guy readers are probably scratching their heads trying to figure out what tulle is. Okay maybe not just guys…


It is very sheer, soft and romantic!!!

For comparison sake this is how the soil separator fabric looks and it is also very sheer, soft and romantic.  It is not quite as sheer as the tulle and for me that is a good thing.

I am just worried about either of them having the capability to cover this hot mess of a ceiling.  Don’t even ask why I am not getting the ceiling replaced.   One more day of labor and 8 sheets of sheet rock vs $30 for septic tank fabric.   hmmmm let me seeeeeee

Oh and side note:  I found out that people use this trench stuff for interfacing when sewing and that is so much cheaper than the real deal is in the store.

I searched and searched the Internet looking for instructions on how to put it up.  Dead ends… My guess is to start in the center & work my way to the wall and tack it down with thin strip of wood.  This fabric does not fray so there is no need to hem it.  I would put it under the crown molding BUT that would make it permanent and of course one day I am going to get sick of it and want to take it down.   So right now, while I wait for the bedroom to be sheet rocked, all I can do is  study photos and then try my best to copy what I see and make it to my liking and pray to God it does not turn out to be a hot holy mess that y’all rag on behind my back..

Click here for a tutorial

To me this ceiling warrants a nice crystal chandelier.  I have a fireplace in my bedroom and I think my draped ceiling centered by a crystal chandelier and a super soft fuzzy rug would set it off.  I priced chandeliers and whoa, they are way out of my price range.

Chandeliers above cost $500 AND $399 respectively.  I just went on eBay as per Chris’ recommendation and I was looking thru the photos of flush mount chandeliers and I saw this one and I said hmmm now I am willing to put this on my charge card.  It is exquisite

Then I saw the price.  $2,440.  Uhhhh yeah, its staying on eBay as far as I am concerned.  That’s not to say it is not worth the price but I am saying I can’t afford that.

Click here for a tutorial on how I draped my ceiling for $45



11 thoughts on “Bedroom Ceiling Intro

  1. This is your best post ever. I’m sorry. I know your kitchen shouldn’t be upstaged by decor, but I love it so much!! I CANNOT wait to see this. Plus? I love that you have referenced something called soil-separator fabric (What? Ugh?) AND romance in the same post.

    When I was planning my wedding I had at some point become OBSESSED with one particular venue that would let me do my own decorating… and what I wanted was a draped-fabric ceiling. That much fabric is a fortune—like you said. And the cost was totally prohibitive.

    I think I remember watching a wedding-planner drape the ceiling of a tent for a reception on YouTube?? You probably already checked there, but if not, maybe it’s worth a try. I think she probably had an easier job than you since she had a center pole and outlying posts to give her a framework… Plus, obviously a wedding reception is more like a stage setting that only has to last a night and you want yours to be something you can look at in the light of day…


    • Victoria I am dying to get to the decor part of this whole project. I been waiting for 4 years for this point. I had so many basics to take care of in here. ANd now I see I am having a new problem with my foundation. I don’t know how I am going to pull fixing it off. Decorating is where I shine although sometimes I change my mind so much it comes out way different that I planned but still nice.
      I have about 5 drafts of projects but I can’t even start on them at this point. My house looks like something offa hoarders. But after this week it should be a whole different ball game.
      Yeah I cringed mentioning septic stuff with romance. LOL not a pretty picture.
      I did not watch any youtube videos yet. Thanks for that suggestion.
      also coming up…a bathroom floor covered with pennies. Of course I can’t even start that until I can actually see the floor. LOLOLOL


  2. I bought a pretty chandelier on Ebay for under $50.00 shipped a few years ago. Keep your eye on Craigs list.

    Very interesting thoughts on doing this to the ceiling. All I can think of would be a large central metal ring sewing the fabric over and gathering it. I am not sure how to attach out at the wall. Guess small molding strips. Brad gun to attach??

    I am going to have to look at that tulle and septic fabric. Great dreamy project.


    • I thought about stapling the fabric to the ceiling in the center and covering it with a ceiling medallion. My problem is how to handle the ends buy the walls. I do not plan on draping the walls too. I have an idea but I have to think it out a little more before I say it.


  3. OK Those Gorgeous ceiling mount chandeliers can be made by you. Let me think on this. I know it can be done and just as Gorgeous as the $2400 ebay one. I need to find some links and put some thought into this. I think it would not be a hard project.

    Off the top of my head you need medium flat light fixture. metal hoop to fit inside where the glass shade would go. This will hold your crystals. Add your chains of crystals to hoop and a big focal one for center. You attach it to fixture with the three screws already on the light. Glue flat backed crystals to the light fixture and ends of screws. Wire that puppy up and flip the switch.

    I have links to inexpensive but gorgeous crystals some where. Just need to figure out which computer that would be on.


    • These are my school days and I can’t research this right now so I been waiting to see what you come up with…instruction wise…LOL. I have a wide base on my living room light fixture that I might be able to use…anyway if you see anything on the net let me know. I will be checking periodically. I have a paper to write this weekend that I haven’t even done the research on. 8 pages…its due on MONDAY O…M…G…


  4. I wish that ceiling played in my mind’s movie cuz its so hot, but you make it seem soooooo desireable…I’m not a guy but I was close to erection on the price of septic tank fabric…I gotta find something to make with that. Oh will we see your finished ceiling?


    • LOL you are funny. I had the same reaction when I found out about it. I am hoping once I finish my finals I will be working on my lioness den and that will include the ceiling. I can’t wait to see how it turns out. I have more than half of it finished already and so far I love the way it looks. I have a couple of really good ideas to implement in there but I am stuck as to what I want to do with the wall behind the bed. I been searching Pinterest trying to get inspired.


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