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How I found my house today

Today I had to leave the worker in here while I went to a 4 hour study session.  This is how he left my house today.  This kindda crap ticks me off and it will take me hours to get it cleaned up!!!

I have no problems with his work but I do have a problem with how sloppy he is and how he does not put ANYTHING away.  I felt like my house was disrespected!!

6 thoughts on “How I found my house today

  1. Dang I forget what he was supposed to be doing? Walls? Ceiling in your bedroom? What is he doing in the bath? I am so sorry he has made a mess for you. Like you need more to clean up NOT!

    This afternoon I had my studio cleaned up down to the dust gone. Tonight it already looks like a bomb has gone off in there already and I am just barely started on the bath room wall project. I think I can make a mess almost as fast as your worker.:^(((

    BTW that is a pretty cool lamp base in the corner of picture # 7.


    • That is one of the lamps I have to decide if I am keeping or not. It is so big once I put the shade on it. Not sure if I have a place for it. I like it too though. He was running outlets…


  2. OH That guy. Well it is a bit of a mess. Construction does that. I hope he cleans it up in the end. You or he needs a shop vac.

    Question. Are you laying out a cool floor with the blue tape or what? I keep forgetting to ask.

    Hope you get time to paint on your dresser. I am off to break some glass. Happy Sunday.


    • A bit? OMG I never seen anything like this before. He is not planning on cleaning up Jack. I already know it. I will do it but I will let him know about it.
      No on the floor. I have paper covering the floor because he is so sloppy he will mess up my new floor and not give a care about it 😦 The blue you see is the tape.


  3. OH DOH on me. Tape sheese. That is too bad he has added to your burdens on this. The guys worked on our house did the same thing. Four years later I am still cleaning the gunk off the light switches. I should have just bought all new. The tape they put on them made a mess of things. Just when I think I have all the goo off it appears again.


    • The floor is covered with brown paper and tape. So when I pull it up it is all going in the burn pile. I haven’t even see the new floor in the laundry room yet. LOL. He taped that up soon as he finished.


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