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Bathroom Drama

OMG I decided to go cheap on the paint in the bathroom and I am not sure why I did that… maybe because its so small?  Anyway I purchased  Olympic 15 year paint in Mecca Gold.  All the other paint Lowe’s sells has primer in it and I assumed since it was only about $4 cheaper for the gallon that it also had primer in it.  I always prime before I paint but these primer based paints has made me lazy.  My bathroom walls were chocolate brown. I  had to repaint because I messed up the walls spraying wasp spray on them and I couldn’t get the spray off.  I also had wall words on the wall so I had to take each letter off individually with a pair of tweezers.  While that sounds pain-stakenly excruciating it was surprisingly easy.  I loved the old color but I wanted a change since I had to go through all this work!  I picked Gold…

Here is how the walls looked…

Like I said I liked the brown but 4 years later it was time for a change.

This is how Mecca Gold is supposed to look.  While it is still a deep color I think it is a little brighter and will make the bathroom have a happier mood to it. When I paint  I first use a good brush (tonight its a Wooster) and I cut in the paint at the crown and floor moldings with a heavy coat of paint, let that dry a bit then put two coats of paint on the walls.  I started with painting the ceiling first.  It didn’t really need it but I might as well freshen it up while I am in the painting mood.  It took me longer to clean the roller and brush than it did to paint.  LOL The bathroom may be 5×6 or some ridiculously small size.  I don’t even bother to measure anymore.  Its too depressing.  So anyway next I went to cut in the paint and OMG this paint was so thin.  I quickly realized I should have primed…but I don’t have any primer left so I forged ahead.  I should have waited.  Impatient me!!  I was determined to get this sucker painted tonight.

I also have new wall words to put up…They sell them in Walmart and Family Dollar now.  When I first started using them, no one that I knew ever saw them before.  Now they are common…hmmmph. I will let you know how these turn out. It says “Faith is the strength by which a shattered world shall emerge into the light”  So tru!!

Secondly I feel like I am painting the walls with mustard…  In fact let me go back in the bathroom and smell it to make sure its not mustard.  LOL

This crap sucks.  I might have to put 4 coats of paint on the walls before its all over with…

Here is how 2 coats is looking…yup I said it…that’s two coats…at this pace it might take all night long.

Let me get a few thoughts out before I forget.

  1. I was listening to NPR on the radio and they were playing Irish music.  I think I really love their music.  I liked it in River Dance and now tonight on the radio.  Their ballads are so sad and melodramatic and full of emotion and its like a foreign version of country music.  Yeah its nice.
  2. I better hurry up and get to my draped ceiling.  Since I posted that post I have had more hits on my blog from people googling Moroccan draped ceilings. People are in tune with me on that one.  🙂
  3. My drawers came out great (to me).  Its still laying on its back.  I am letting the paint cure. It will have a different look once its standing up I am sure… I also added a little purple in it.  The colors look a little off to me.  the flowers are really a deep red.  they look orangey in the photos.

I will let you know how the bathroom turns out.  I am staying up till I get it FINISHED!!!

12:53 AM…I went back in the bathroom and to my surprise once the paint dried some more it looked pretty nice.  It had darkened up.  I put another coat of paint on it and left the fan in there to help it dry.  I should be able to put the mirror back up tomorrow and have it looking nice.  That will be one room finished.  I plan on redoing the floor at some point…maybe next weekend?? I have everything I need for the floor thank goodness.  Any project that requires a purchase will not get done any time soon.    That electrical work killed me.  I still have to get some outlets put in but what I have will do for now…yaknowwhatImean?

Laundry room plans…I have to do the wall edges. After that I will paint the ceiling and the walls, put the shelves up, paint them, and do the windows. That should not take long.  The crown will have to wait.  Wow that will be two rooms down!!  If I did not have to go to school yesterday I would be at that point today!  I still have to put my lamps up in the kitchen, and install the table after its done, right now it’s ready for the top coat.  I think.  I have to look at it again…

Then moving on into the living room…that needs the most attention right now. I have to paint, do the top half of the china cabinet, put the tv back on the wall, figure out how to hook all that shhhhhh back together, hang my photos back up, and make my couches.  I don’t know how in the world I am going to get the pallets here or pay for the foam.   OMG and I still have to buy the fabric.  I am probably going to be up all night worrying about this crap.  And when that’s done I can put my bedroom back together and stop sleeping on the floor…my back HATES IT.  LOL  maybe I will go to the Goodwill and see what kind of furniture they have in there.  I saw a beautiful couch in there the last time I went that was screaming for a makeover.  I would have gotten it and done it BUT it was already sold.  figures.  It looked something like this and I love love love this style furniture…. I could make this work in a Moroccan theme.  Just be a modern eclectic one LOL


2 thoughts on “Bathroom Drama

  1. Ok I had this same paint problem once. I finally learned I needed to let the paint dry over night and the second coat goes on much better. Even though it says let it dry four hours. I assume they did shake the paint up for you?

    It is quite mustardy. I hope it turns out for you. Bathroom looks nice and clean from the last pictures.

    I buy walmart paint. Never bothered with the fancy brand names. Never had this trouble you are having. I also have never used a paint with primer in it. That sounds so nice. But then I never primed unless I was doing a raw wall or latex over oil which will not work at all with out priming.

    So very sorry all this goofy stuff keeps happening to you. :^(((


    • I find that Walmart paint is not scrubable. Its okay in white or very light colors but I like rich colors and that’s where they fail. Exterior paints also fade quick. I learnt all this the hard way.

      I am letting it dry for an hour with the fan. Yes it is bright and mustardy LOL. I am not sure if after all this drama I wind up keeping it or not. We will see how it looks once I have a solid coat on.

      I always use primer with rich colors and I use grey primer. Light gray for light colors and darker grey for rich deep colors. It makes a huge difference. I haven’t used it at all this go round…


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