Bathroom / paint colors

Smeared Mustard

The paint in the bathroom is dry and I am not too sure I like it.  It looks like smeared mustard.  On the other hand it is a lot brighter in there.  I was thinking about taking the paint back to Lowes and tell them I want the same color in a different line because I think the paint looks like this because it was so cheap thin.  Do you think they will exchange it??

I was going for the bottom color…Mecca Gold.  In this photo it looks like the walls are darker than the chip but in real life its the other way around…the chip is darker than the paint.  In fact it looks like the middle sample.

What do you think I should do…suck it up…take it back…take it back and ask for an exchange…take it back and change the color completely  or other (please explain)


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