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Bathroom/Redo # 3

I have been working on  my bathroom off and on.  It is a very challenging bathroom because it is so small and I have a lot of beauty products for my hair, skin, bath soaps etc.  This is not a bathroom fit for a queen!  not yet anyway…I have painted my bathroom a couple of times.  While on this renovation I did it in a gold color.  It looks like I smeared mustard all over the wall.  Ewwl.  I found these wall words about faith and I thought about being able to get into heaven with faith as small as a mustard seed so then I was okay with the color.  For a minute anyway.  But then I had to change out my faucet and something got over me and the next thing I knew I was revamping my bathroom all over AGAIN.  I think because it is so small it encourages me to work on it.  I keep saying I am starting with the bathroom and working my way around the house finishing up EVERYTHING.  Yeah right.  Anyway this is what I am working with…


I have is this Sterilite drawer system that  I love using for storage.  The drawers are big and the top two I put small Dollar Store trays in it to keep my junk organized and the bottom is full of curling irons.  I have every size curling iron there is to have except the small straw size because I let my sister borrow it and she never gave it back.  The problem with this is that I put my makeup case (that red thing) on top and it dents in the plastic which makes the drawers hard to pull out.  In order to fix this I need to put something on top to make the weight even and let the sides bear the weight.  But thats a down the road project…I think


I have hair crap all over the place.


I love these tiles…


Something i picked up in Spain. They were made in China though…LOL. I got them from their version of the dollar store…


More grooming supplies in baskets

 I was satisfied with the bathroom for a couple of months…then I decided to change the faucet in the sink because after I finished the whole darn bathroom the faucets would not turn.  I think it had a lot of calcium or some other minerals built up in it.  I never liked it after I installed it 5 years ago so I went ahead and got a new one.  I think the calcium deposits were a sign to change the bathroom…

Did I tell you I have painted the bathroom 3 times already? I do this is every house paint over and over till I get just the right look, then I move LOL there has to be something wrong with that picture ya know?  I struggled with the fixtures because  I could not get the nuts off the pipes.  There was so much  buildup that it was like the faucets and nuts were all soldered on.  I wound up first using CLR but it made no difference whatsoever (I never had luck with that stuff on anything that my well water messed up…not by itself anyway)  My next option was WD40.  I soaked the hell out of the nuts everyday and after a couple of weeks it eventually worked.  You know my theory on a tool box…it must contain duct tape, WD-40 and a knife.

In the days I was waiting for the WD-40 to work I wound up buying a new shower curtain and a rug for the bathroom.I also brought new paint for the walls.  I decided on 3 different wall colors.  umm hmmm I said it…three wall colors.  I love the shower curtain but if you happen to get the same one I have don’t make the mistake of not getting a shower liner to go under it  because the color bleeds on the tub when it gets wet.  hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh drama  I tell you, this house is nothing but drama!!

So with the faucet complete it was time to do the walls.  My bathroom is so small this should be a breeze.  I had to take down my wall words first.  It was very easy, get a straight pin, prick a piece up and the rest comes off easily.  I timed it and it took me 13 minutes and 49 seconds to get the wall words off the wall and it generated very little mess.

IMAG0739  IMAG0738

IMAG0741 IMAG0742 IMAG0743

That was easy!!  And it left no marks on the wall and it did not take any paint off or damage it in any way.  If I ever move into an apartment I would definitely put up wall words because I love them and they come off without a problem.  And now that I have the machine to do my own?  The skies the limit!!

Okay so now off to the paint.  My house is still up-side-down so I went looking for the oops paint and I could not find it ANYWHERE.  what in the heck is going on?  I am not wasting anymore time to look for paint so I just grabbed a color, then when I went looking for my rollers I found the paint, on a shelf in my supply cabinet.  Well whaddya know, I put something away where it belongs.  LOL

I got busy…wall one…black…took 15 minutes to cut in the trim and paint the wall.  I should have used primer, the paint would have went on a lot smoother but the can said primer included and you know me…sucker for manufacturers labels.  I had to paint it a couple of times.  I found holidays after I cleaned the brushes up…it’s just going to have tobe part of the “charm” of the wall.  I am done painting that wall. Second wall…brown…


Here is how my bathroom came out:


I still did not have room for all my junk and I have organizers and baskets everywhere.  I have to move…this is just not working…its crazy…sorry for the explicit details here but its an illustration that I am busting at the seams…and please don’t say get rid of all the soaps, makeup, lotions, curling irons etc…its a girly thing!!

IMAG2021  IMAG2025    IMAG2027  IMAG2032









2 thoughts on “Bathroom/Redo # 3

  1. Looks really pretty. Wall words are nice too. I am a big fan of the plastic drawers. I have them stashed all over this house. They are good for organizing.


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