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Mudroom/Laundry Room/Foyer drama!

Whenever anyone comes to the house they go to the back door.  I call the room you enter the house in the laundry/mudroom, but I think I will start calling it my foyer.  Sounds so much better.

After work yesterday I went to the Goodwill store to see if anyone purchased the textured paintable wallpaper I saw in there the other day for $3 a roll.  At the time I thought to myself…what can I do with that…then I answered myself and said nothin so I left it and reprimanded myself for buying things that I don’t need immediately.  In the back of my mind I really wanted to buy that roll though.  It was only $3 but in the store it is $15!!!  I tossed and turned all night long over that wallpaper because I thought of things I could do with it.  Of course when I went back it was gone gone gone.  I was so disappointed.  But as I was looking around what did I see?  I saw the cutest fold down table calling out to me.  So I purchased it.

I had the nerve to grumble about the price…$19.95.  Am I that cheap and crazy??  Seech.

LMBO and you are probably thinking…another project? Because that table definitely has to be refinished.  I think I am going to remove the stain off the top, sand it down, I have to glue in some of the leg pins and I will paint it black.  Ohhhh I can’t wait.

The next room on my list is the foyer coincidentally enough.  It has the floor down and the crown up on 2 walls…I ran out of crown and since I suck at putting up crown  it can’t go up till worker comes in to put it up, maybe a month from now.  I have to catch up with my projects…

Foyer dilemma:

I was thinking to paint 3 walls pure white and the back wall Mecca Gold but I don’t know if I could stand all that white so I decided I am going to do one of two things:

1- Paint 3 walls butter cookie and the back wall Mecca Gold OR

2- Put chair rail all around the room and paint the top half butter cookie and the bottom half Mecca Gold but I noticed you hardly ever see the chair rail and half walls anymore so I am wondering if that is so yesterday.  No…not going that route.

SO I purchased a color magazine to help me…

I got so confused because there were a lot of schemes that I was digging.  Here are some of the schemes I really like and its not too late to use in the foyer and/or somewhere in the rest of the house:

This is actually a hot shot red, sand and black scheme (no orange). They called this combo persimmon and cornsilk

This is a plum, rose, gold and black and they call this combo Plum and Beige…my favorite by the way

I picked one of these schemes and I am not telling you which…all I am saying is I have all the colors here already and I will be using them!

I also have been hording  these elephant shelves in my basement.  I purchased them years ago, when I was still living in Florida.  I am thinking I might have gotten them from Spain, but I am not totally sure about that.  I am going to spray them black and put them over my folding table.  I think it is going to look nice.

I also wanted to Incorporate this photo in my foyer  scheme.  I love this picture.

I love the purple as well.  I think gold  will do this photo justice.  I also have the perfect ornate frame for it, that I will spray black.  I love these frames and they have been through a few changes.  When I went to Venice, Italy I fell in love with the carnival mask photos.  I purchased a calendar and framed various mask photos all over my house.  They were similar to this:

Actually I am really liking this photo as well.  LOL back to the story though, after 5  years I replaced the masks with photos of me and my family.  I am tired of them now too s0 I won’t have photos of family on the wall anymore.  I will display them some other way.  Now the frames will be used for my new decorating scheme.

In the foyer I have a slatted wood ceiling so I am going to paint it white (semi gloss) and the trim white.

I haven’t decided on the light fixture at this time.  Oh I do plan on changing it because that’s the first thing you see when you enter…    all I know for sure is that I hate that light fixture in there now.  I purchased it way back when and it was far better than the crap that was in there before.  Now I want something nice. I am trying to make every room go from drab to fab!!!

This cut design works PERFECTLY with my door but I am NOT spending over $100 on a friggin light!!!  NO NO NO NO NO NO NO …and that’s final!

If anyone see this or something similar for cheap…let me know please…

I am interested in knowing how you have your main entryway decorated.  What is the feel, what colors did you use?  What do you think I need to think about in this room?

If you have a photo online of your foyer please feel free to post it in your comment, if you like.  Feel free to comment in any case.

4 thoughts on “Mudroom/Laundry Room/Foyer drama!

  1. LOVE the Table!!! It is a gate leg treasure!!! Will be perfect for folding clothes when needed. I use a small drop leaf table in our laundry room for all kinds of things. You will enjoy it. Lucky you.

    I am guessing your colors might be from picture two under the color book. I also bought a color book like that this spring. It also confused me. Still love the book and hope to put it to good use this winter.

    The Elephant shelves are Fantastic!!!! I also like your choice of light fixture. And there you go you can use the one you take down for your fancy crystal lamp base on your bedroom ceiling.

    We do not have a foyer to show. The front door we use enters right into the dinning room and living room.


    • yes it is. I could not think of the style table…glad you said it. It really was a good deal. One of the legs is loose but the peg is not broken so a mallet and wood glue should do the trick. Now that I am thinking about it I am not sure why I was grumbling over the price. That was an excellent deal! I don’t pick it up till this weekend. No mistakes better be made with my table. LOL
      Yes you got me on the colors. I am just not sure what colors to put where. I also like the color scheme on the color of the book. I decided in the end to use what I have though because I have gallons of paint. I just hope I put the colors in the best rooms for them and then I find the right furnture for the paint. LOL kindda backwards huh?


  2. Generally the legs have a bracket spanning the table skirt that runs between legs. I think that is what they call it. There usually is a deep double ended threaded screw thing into the leg. It sticks through this metal bracket and you put a nut on the end. This is usually what will tighten the leg. So look there first before hitting it with a mallet. I doubt the leg drives into anything.

    I think the legs might be called Barley Twist. It really is a wonderful table and worth every cent of that 20 dollars.

    I can barely remember your laundry room/ Foyer. Are you going to try to tie the colors into the bath some how? No idea what color to put where.

    I am all for using what you have in paint and never afraid to mix colors. I have come up with some really nice blends and you can always have them color matched if you do not have enough.

    As far as what order to do what. Whatever works for you. I am one to put a room or space together one piece at a time. Paint as you go.


    • Yup that is how I am doing it. I almost finished the bathroom…everything but the floor. I am going to the bank tomorrow to get $5 worth of pennies, I think that should do it. Once I get the pennies down I will put some polyurethane on top….pour it on. No in fact I have to go out of town so I will put the poly on before I leave…that way I wont have to worry about how to handle bathroom situations!
      Foyer/laundryroom is next. All I have to do in there is paint, put up my shelves, hang a mirror and hopefully refinish and repair that table. I also have to ammend the shelves a bit first and they are kindda heavy so I am not sure how I am going to handle that.


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