I found out that if I stay off the computer I can get quite a bit of work done around this joint.  Yesterday I was putting corner stuff on the drywall and mudding it.  Yeah I am back to the real work in the house 😦 and on my birthday at that 😦  Can you tell that I am not really happy about it?  I said I wanted to get to the painting but now that I am at that point, I am dreading that as well.  I just want to do the creative stuff now….

This morning I got up and I was a sanding fool.  I sanded till there was no tomorrow.  Then I painted the ceiling and the trim white.  I was going to paint the foyer a pink color but I was going to have to put primer on the wall and then paint and I did not feel like all of that drama so I painted the whole room bright white. And I didn’t even have to stress over picking out the white…its the shelf bright white that I got for the trim.   That is the first time in my whole life I ever painted a wall white, except when I was moving out of an apartment and painting the place back to how I found it.  I actually like it.  It looks so bright and fresh!  VERY BRIGHT LOL

I painted the back door and the bathroom door green…


This is also the first time I EVER painted my inside doors anything besides white or off white.  LOL

I started getting in the habit of going to the Goodwill when I get off work.  They have something new everyday and I been getting some great bargains.  Yesterday I got a mirror.  Now I know there is a leaf piece missing at the bottom but I really like it AND it was only $4.99.  You can’t beat that with a yardstick!


This is above my table….the table that is not there yet. The great gate leg table that I purchased at the Goodwill and I been fussing and cussing about spending $20 on it.  Even though I know that it was a good deal I just can’t fathom paying more than $10 for ANYTHING at the Goodwill.  LOL that’s cheap huh?  LOL…Well why do you think I go there?  I like to buy household items there.  No clothes, can’t stand wading through all that stuff.  That makes me absolutely SICK!

I also started on my Hamsa on my basement door…more on that later
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I put the washer and dryer back in place and I swear that crap is heavy… even to slide.  I felt like I broke my wrist for a minute there…

No more photos till the reveal but know that progress has been made for sure!!

I was soaking pennies to start on my floor but bump that.  I am taking the pennies I have to the bank and trading them for brand spanking new shiny pennies.   That’s what I said I was going to do in the first place but I kept forgetting.

Also… as I am cleaning up I am noticing a lot of my tools missing.  I hope they are in the barn and not walked off with my worker….

5 thoughts on “PROGRESS!

  1. Hope you had a Great Birthday even if you did have to work. Progress on your house is a good thing.

    I really like the bright white. I was always a bright white person. I have moved onto colors but did do our kitchen in Crisp and Clean white with all the other color I have going on in the glass back splash.

    I hope you are not passing on that table and just have not found a ride home for it yet. That thing is a beauty. I almost paid $250 for a gate leg not even near the coolness of the goodwill one you have there. This is not a time to get cheep.

    The mirror is great. I would not have known there were leaves missing if you had not said some thing, It is not at all what my eye went to. Suppose if it bothers you hang a crystal there or some thing.

    The Hamsa is wonderful. Loving the very large size. I think I will try to work another one into my bathroom wall project too. Or at least an eye or peacock feather. I saw some one do a peacock all in mosaic in glass. Was gorgeous.

    YES washer and dryer are heavy. I just bought those slider things to put under the feet. I can not move them to clean behind them by myself and I am sure it is ucky under there. As soon as I can get a young strong guy here I will get this done. I do not want to hurt my husbands back trying to lift them.

    Your doors are pretty in green. It looks like you are creating a pretty welcoming space to enter your house.


    • thank you!

      I had a great birthday in that I did what I wanted to do which is work on my house. I was putting in corner beads and mudding. Most of it came out good but there was a couple of places that are so so. I will blame it on the wall :-p While I was working all I kept thinking is that this is going to be over pretty soon as long as I stick to it. Everytime I wanted to take a break I thought that thought and kept pushing. I plan to hit the house pretty hard and be nearly done by the time next semester starts. Everyday soon as I get home: change and start working!

      I am having fun with the Hamsa. I am painting and using jewels on it. I hope it turns out right as it is VERY large like you said LOL. I want to make sure I ward off any evil eyes that come up in here or peek in my windows.

      I have the table in here already. I wasn’t about to pass that up. I had to get a friend with a truck to haul it for me. And when I went to pick it up someone had scratched the top of it up. Not deep scratches, thank goodness. I guess they were mad cause they couldn’t get it and was hoping that I would change my mind. NOT. I will be working on it when I get out of church today.

      I don’t mind the missing leaves on the mirror. I did not even notice it at first. I thought it was part of the design until I realized that it wasn’t at the very bottom. I am going to check the bin I got it out of at the Goodwill and see if by chance it broke in there. That will be wonderful luck, then I will just have to find someone to weld it back on for me.

      Well I am starting my day. Its raining cats and dogs out here.
      Have a good one!


  2. I can’t wait to see the jewels on the Hamsa. I REALLY LOVE it on your door and now wish mine had been larger. Seriously considering putting one on the lady mannequin when I get started on her. Visions are coming to me for her.

    SO GLAD the table is in your house. Scratches can be fixed. That really is a sad thing for some one to do.

    If the leaves are not in the bin then consider it an opportunity to be creative or just leave it as it really is not a big deal. Welding might crack the mirror.

    So I am anxious to get back to my glass project. You are so right staying off the computer makes for more projects done.

    Enjoy your day. You are on a good roll.


  3. You are one creative person. I think maybe you got someone else’s share too. Like maybe there is some poor soul wandering the earth with no imaginative ideas…

    Paul and I call our Goodwill “Ill-will.” The last time I dropped off donations, I went in to poke through the house wares, and I could NOT believe the prices they were charging. Ever since, I don’t donate to them. If I have stuff to get rid of, I just post a curb alert on Craigslist. Even clothing, someone will come and pick up almost immediately.


    • I know what you mean on some of the prices. But I also get good deals. I used to advertise on free cycle but they got beyond themselves with the, format rules so I just said forgetaboutit. I call my nieces kids etc. there is a lot of them.
      Right now trying to strip my table. Sorry I started this project……too impatient for this. I want to brush on wipe off but its not working like that lol


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