Misc Updates

I went to the bank today to get some 2012 pennies.  I asked for shiny, new, uncirculated pennies.  I was told they don’t have them and they only occasionally get them.  I asked could they order them they said no.  I didn’t believe them so I went to two other banks and I got the same response.  Huh. So now more than ever all I want on my bathroom floor is 2012 shiny, new, uncirculated pennies.  Someway, somehow I will get them.

It gets confusing when you have too many cans of neutral paint.  I have all my cans on the porch and the color labels came off so i have to eyeball match the colors.

obviously my eyeballs aren’t working

OK That is all.  I am really going to bed now.  I have 2 minutes b4 midnight strikes.  Run J run!!! LOL

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