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Refinishing the Table

My new Goodwill table was in bad shape with surface scratches (not gouges thank goodness) and watermark stains.  I am not into that shabby chic worn look  I like the new look so   I wanted to refinish my table.  First I tried sanding it…

After 15 minutes of that I decided to go ahead and strip it because this would take hours to sand and I wasn’t in the mood.

I pulled out this stripper stuff that looked to be the strongest they had in Lowe’s.  I wanted something I can brush on and scrape off, touch up with sandpaper and keep it moving to the finish yaknowhatimean?

All I know is I brushed on a really thick coat.  It said wait at least 15 minutes, I waited 30 minutes.  I went to scrape off and it was a gooey mess.  Unless this is the natural color of the wood, there seems to be a lot left over.  I guess I am going to have to do it all over again.hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

The good news is that I no longer want to paint the table, I want to stain it back a nice cherry color.  Right now I have to go to bed…its almost midnight and well… I need my beauty rest.

I will work on this again another day.  Not tomorrow.  I have something else planned to work on tomorrow…

PS If you decide to try this stuff don’t use it with shorts on.  If it touches your skin it burns like crazy.  Water stops the burn though.


2 thoughts on “Refinishing the Table

  1. I wonder if the table is walnut. I had a library table I stripped sanded bleached and still had a very dark color wood. Now it is white with china mosaic on the top. LOL


    • LOL. I felt funny when I painted my drawers that light color. For some reason it felt so wrong.

      I am not good at identifying wood species…all I know for sure is that its real wood. It is cherry colored but that can be the stain.


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