I Want a Moroccan Wedding Blanket (Handira)

Did I tell you I want to make a Moroccan wedding blanket?  Of course it won’t be as luxurious as an original hand loomed authentic real deal straight out the mountains of Morocco blanket.  It won’t cost $750 and up either.  And it won’t have the same marital blessings either. 😦

I found the fabric I want to use for my version but I can’t tell you where until I buy it because it took me a heckofalongtime to find it.  Now all I have to do is find the trim.  I need 15 yards of trim as my blanket will be roughly 45″l x 90″w and my rows will be about 6″ apart.  I am NOT spending $10 a yard on trimmings…no no no.  I found some places that sell them about $3 a yard but I haven’t found the perfect one yet.  I ordered my metal sequins from India. They should be here in a month or so LOL.  I am so cheap all I wanted to pay for was the slow boat method.

Anyway this project is on the back burner, I am just planning and getting the materials ready.


I want to do something besides painting and mudding and sanding!  Once I start this it will take me a day to make the blanket but a month to sew on all the sequins.  LOL

Inspiration photos:





Any ideas where to find some suitable trim?  What do you think of these blankets?


14 thoughts on “I Want a Moroccan Wedding Blanket (Handira)

      • You will do fine. Just be sure the sequins you get are not the dissolving kind. Ask me how I know about the dissolving kind. :^(((

        I have never seen these gorgeous blankets. Puts my chenille to shame. LOL

        I am into the bathroom mosaic project again after a year + stall out.
        9-16-12-Progress  This one large section is ready for grout. I had to do a smaller section for the bottom as there is a long narrow strip just above the large mirror and below the light fixture.
        Vision is next picture in thumbnail to right.


      • That looks nice and u have the eye in it. U gonna get addicted to incooperating the protection from the evil eyes. LOL. They are hidden everywhere
        Metal sequins cant dissolve can they? What was your experience?


      • In the old days they used to make the sequins of gelatin. If you tried to wash them they dissolved.

        OH HA I thought of it as a sort of flower but I like the Eye much better. I see that now.

        Was thinking of doing the mannequin eye as a tattoo. Still trying to decide which way I am going to face her in the window. I want the eye towards the room. I might do it small too and lay it under glass so it is a drawn Hamsa with tiny detail I can get in ink and not glass. YES I am totally loving the Hamsa and feeling protected by it.

        Did you decide on your trim? I think it is good for a person to take a break to be creative. Do some thing they just want to do and not have to do.


  1. Edited comment*** Marion posted a link to to show they have a bolster pillow ($194) to match a wedding blanket
    I scrubbed it but thanks Marion


    • I DO NOT NORMALLY ALLOW ADVERTISERS TO POST LINKS TO THEIR WEBSITES However, I like what you have to offer and even though I can not afford it, your prices are competitive. I would like to say that even though I have allowed this link I am in no way endorsing the vendor.


  2. Hi there! I stumbled across your site and thought I would share with you. It is a online platform that is owned and managed by Morocco artisans. It was started by U.S. Peace Corps Volunteers as a way for artisans, regardless of literacy to sell their work directly to their customers — without a middleman. You can find Handiras for as low as $100, and you can buy safely knowing that all the money is staying with the artisans and artisan community. Take a look here:

    E-mail us at if you have any further questions!


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