Update on Bear

Bear is not responding to the antibiotics just as the vet said would happen. His eye got worse.  The choices they have put on me is that:

1- I can have his eye removed completely and there is no after care and of course only has eyesight in one eye.

2- They can do a surgery and I forget the details but it is something like they will move tissue over his eye to cover the hole that the ulcerated sore created.  This option he will need extensive care for three days as his eye will be very swollen AND the outcome is that he will have very limited eyesight in that eye.  The down side is that there is no guarantee that it will heal completely and they might have to go in again and take the eye out after all.

This is so terrible.  I decided the best thing to do at this point is let them take his
OH GOD why did I take him to Petsmart???

Last update for the day…

I decided that it was best for them to take his eye.  That was such a hard decision BUT I think it was the best decision.  My daughter went to see him before his surgery on her lunch break since she works right around the corner.  He was in pain but he was happy to see her….

When I picked him up he kept making sure he looked me in the eye with his good eye.  Like he was trying to tell me something.  I am taking the day off tomorrow to take care of him and Wednesday I will leave one of the cameras on his kennel so I can watch him from work.  I don’t know what else to do for him…

His eye looks bad today and they said it will look worse tomorrow.  I don’t know if I can stomach it.  Ugggh I hate this for him!!!

He has to take meds 3 times a day for pain and swelling and I asked the doctor just how in the world am I supposed to make him take a pill because I never been successful before.  I have to literally wrestle him and force the pill down his throat and sometimes he is successful in regurgitating it back out.  Gross!  They recommended putting it in a Greenies pill pocket ($9 freaking .99)  They claim he will eat it out of that.  He doesn’t eat beef so I wasn’t sure how he was going to react to it. Since the pills were so small I cut the pill pocket in half and stuck one pill in each half and molded it around the pill.  He wolfed it down.  So now I know how to give him pills and you do too.  LOL


2 thoughts on “Update on Bear

  1. OH Poor Bear!!!! I would say for sure let them take his eye. He will adjust to only having one eye. I had one eye sewn shut for a couple of months and after a couple of weeks I hardly noticed I was blind on one side. Depth perception is less but you or he will adjust to it.

    So sorry this has happened. Sorry for both of you.


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