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Sale Alert

So I stroll around Lowes everyday, you know this.  I always always always ignore the rugs.  The other day I had to go to the bathroom and I went down the rug aisle to get there and noticed that some of the rugs were on clearance…OMG I could not believe the deals!

But the ones I really love are not on sale.  I will be checking on them EVERYDAY until they go on sale!!

This is my all time favorite…

It kind of reminds me of a Suzanni pattern.  It is not really that expensive, they only have one left and if they sell it before it goes on sale I am going to kick myself!!

What do you think of these rugs?


2 thoughts on “Sale Alert

  1. I love these rugs. I bought one a few years ago for the dinning room. I have it out of the room right now but will be moving it back when winter comes. I an looking for two matching rugs for the living room. I like the light colors but when the winter mud is going on I can not keep the almost white rugs from getting stained by it.

    I wish we had a Lowes closer than 80 miles away one way. I did look at Home Depot a month or so ago.

    I LOVE the last one too. I also really like the very first one circles.


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