Bear’s eye is healing well…I believe.  I mean, I am not a vet or anything, but to me everything looks good.   He is not at the point where he wants to play catch all day long though.  He got his toy  yesterday and I threw it for him but after two or three runs he was done.  That is so unlike him.  Also he looks like he is gaining weight.  I heard ShiTzu’s can have a problem with their weight if you don’t monitor them.   Since he is not as active as he normally is I guess gaining weight is the next thing to happen.  I should know right?  LOL

I love this little guy…


4 thoughts on “Update

  1. Surely he’s still getting used to lack of depth-perception/recovering from surgery? Right? Hopefully soon he’s back to running!!

    Maybe the wet food has different calorie content than dry? My catbaby started gaining weight and now I have to measure her food very precisely…


    • LOL Yes he is still getting used to it so I guess he will have to adjust. I did make sure when I tossed his toy it was out in the open. No chance of running into anything. Yeah I forgot about the new food that he loves. This morning when I fed him he literally licked the bowl after it was empty for a couple of minutes. what da? LOL


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