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SATURDAY…Updated During the Day…


I want to be finished with this work so bad.  I am on my last leg and I just can’t get  motivated to push through it.  Last night I taped up the doorways to the living room and put the dog to bed.  I started sanding and in 10 seconds I was hungry so I came in the kitchen and cooked a full meal, which took about an hour to cook and eat.  I went back in the living room and sanded for 10 more seconds and decided it was too late so I will go to bed and get up bright and early. When I get in the bathroom I look at the toilet with the lime stains I had not been able to get out for over 3 years now (not even the cleaning lady could get them out) because of my hard well water and something in my head said “Hmmm I wonder if you use that stripping sponge with Kaboom and/or lime away ….will that get it all off?” so I tried it by first putting on kaboom, letting it sit for a few, scrub with stripping brush, rinse, then alternate with Lime Away and then lastly with kaboom and yup, it worked beautifully.  I love that stripping sponge.  I had tried a regular green sponge and I tried a pumice stone but nothing did the trick before.  Little did I know all I had to get was a stripping sponge…. Anyway on my way from the shower to bed my phone beeped with a message, one thing led to another and I wound up getting on the computer surfing for Rangoli designs that I am going to paint on my back deck when I finish the house…OMG is my A.D.D. that bad?  I did everything in the world but what I was supposed to be doing!!  What is Rangoli you ask?  Here is a photo of it and if you click it I hot-linked it to a site with more info than you want to know about it.  They use rice flour but I will be painting mine.

Chris if you go to the link you are going to be mosiac-ly inspired (I made that term up).

To make a long story short by this time it is now almost 2AM.  I went to bed.  This morning I slept through my alarm and I did not wind up getting up till 9.  I fed the dog and put him outside to do his business.  I sanded for 20 seconds and was dead tired so I went back to bed and slept for two more hours.  I got back up a little after 11 and I just finished sanding.  It took me all of 30 minutes to do.  ummm ummm ummm, I should be shamed of myself.  I  wanted to skip the sanding step  so bad but of course I can’t do that.  Maybe when I see colors on the wall I will be motivated.  Now is the time I need a man around this joint so he can be doing all this work and I can sit in the kitchen sipping tea while I plan my next project on the computer or filing my nails or something trivial like that (after I cook him a fine thank you meal, of course).  LOL

I can see in the photo I might have missed a few spots. hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Okay let me get back to it!!  Oh yeah and by the way…the pink is out…painting it Behr Toasted Almond…flat finish.  Saving the pink for the bedroom.

Ohhhh I am hungry again…


Finished cutting in the paint.  I used a cheap paint brush vs a Wooster or Purdy brush and boy did I notice a difference.  First of all the cheaper brush will not allow you to load as much paint on it and the edges weren’t as chiseled so now I have to go over the trim as well.  Good thing I was thinking of painting it anyway.  Also a little tip for you…

If you want to stop painting and go back later without having to clean your brush each time…just put it in plastic.  A plastic grocery bag, garbage bag, ziplock bag ….whatever ….and close it up.  The brush will stay soft for over a week like this.

make sure you close the bag!!

…you can thank me for that tip later…

8:25 PM

Okay I finally finished painting the walls.  I can say I am very happy with the color.  This was oops paint I got from Home Depot and it was a happy accident because I wanted to get a match to Sherwin Williams “Blond” but they do not match like that.  Paint colors are not protected by copyright laws but the color names are so therefore they can only match it by you bringing in a paint sample.  So while I was there I saw this oops paint and purchased two gallons of it… they had 3.  I should have gotten all three because I love love love this color and it is almost a perfect match to the color I was looking for in the first place.  That was a blessing for me.

My furniture that I will be getting/making is red so the brown trim has to go.  What color trim should I use?  I don’t know if I should go light or dark.  I like light trim because it looks so crisp and bright but I also like dark because it brings a certain amount of drama to a room.  If you gonna have drama in your life, it might as well be on the walls and only on the walls…LOL.  Suggestions?

Well I am not quite finished with the living room just yet.  I got the four walls finished but then of course as everything in this old house there is something else to contend with.  There is an addition on the side of the livingroom…

You are probably wondering WTH???…yeah me too.  This is where the closets are and where the AC return is…

Pay no mind to the junk…I been stashing crap everywhere during this remodel…


One side I use for coats and jackets that hardly ever get worn and storage, the other side I use for off season clothes and storage.  This is a problem area for me because I really don’t know what to do with it.  When you sit on the couch you can see in it and I don’t like that.  Who wants to sit on the couch and see the inside of the closet?  crazy.  So I am thinking of painting this a semigloss toasted almond, and then I have to think of some way to hide it.  I can use a nice curtain I suppose.  Not on the living room wall but curtains on the sides.  On the outside livingroom wall I planned on malking a Toran to put on the outside wall.  What’s a Toran you ask?  LOL here is a photo:

I will be letting my mommas embroidery machine do most of the work and I probably won’t do a lot of bead work on it although there will be some used.

Behind that I will be putting in my drawers that I painted…remember them?  LOL that was so long ago.  It is still sitting in the middle of my livingroom floor waiting for some attention.  okay let me paint the “alcove” and see what happens from there.

6 thoughts on “SATURDAY…Updated During the Day…

  1. OOOOHHHHHHH you have done it to me again. The peacock would be SO FUN to do in glass!!! Also love the Ganesha. I think that has some thing to do with me being a virgo. I installed the bath mosaic last night. Removing safety tape today after I get city work done. I am trying to hold down my own A.D.D. and here you go feeding me. If I did not need to buy so much glass I would quit my job.

    OMG brain flash. Take these gorgeous Rangoli designs and use them as wainscot in glass down that 12 foot bit of hallway. EEEEEKKKKKK

    So glad you got your room sanded. You are moving right along. You will be so board when you finish. NOT!!!


    • I knew you would like them. If i knew how to do tile I would be all over this also. Hmmmm…whatever happened to the tile tutorial you was supposed to be doing? The next project I COMMAND you to document beginning to end every step of the way. LOL well I don’t command you but it would be nice 🙂

      I am getting ready to paint now BUT I can’t seem to find my paint pan…what the heck?? It’s probably sitting right in my face


    • PS I am getting ready to decoupage and paint a Ganesha on my umbrella stand. He is the Lord (and remover) of material and spiritual obstacles so I am going to have him facing my back door. And just to be clear…I like to have certain things portrayed but I don’t pray to them.


  2. That plastic bag trick also works with rollers. Not ziplock, just like HD shopping bag. I will not even tell you how long we’ve been using the same killz roller… lol.

    I love white trim. Bright/clean looking. HOWEVER. Now that I live in a house where I am the one who has to paint/clean it. Ugh. Painting all the trim was so tedious. And you see any bit of dirt. I am a normally ocd person, so always seeing ALL the dirt should make me happy. But it’s a chore to keep it pristine. Obviously is fine on crown molding, but baseboard is another story. Something to think about…


    • LOL Actually when I wrote a month I was thinking the last set I had in bags has been more than 3 months. I think my guy who was working here thought I was throwing them away because I searched high and low for the bag of brushes, all Wooster and Purdy brushes and it is no where to be found. It could be in a pile in here somewhere though.
      I started painting the trim and decided to leave it till I have the money to pay someone to do it. That will give me time to decide if I was to go light or dark.


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