To Hoard or not to Hoard…that is the question.

Today I was going through my storage closet, something I had not done in quite a while.  I decided to see exactly what is up in there and what, if anything, can be thrown out.  The first thing I came across were some bags of blankets.  I have to sidetrack to another story before I continue.

When I was taking care of my neighbor Louise I tried to clean out some of the things in her house.  I went in one of the closets and there was nothing in there but blankets.  I mean blankets were piled in there floor to ceiling. Her sister was with me and she was also shocked to see so many blankets.  Most of them were in plastic shopping bags, meaning she picked them up at yard sales but there were quite a few hand made quilts, and brand new blankets never opened.  I took some  for my grand kids, a couple for me, I separated some to go to the nursing home and each sister took a few for themselves.  We packed the rest up to go to Goodwill.  They filled my trunk (I had a Honda at that time) and my whole back seat and some of the front seat.  When I tell you this you are going to think I am exaggerating but I kid you not, I donated a total of 54 blankets to the Goodwill.  That is 54 left…NOT including the ones we took out or the ones still on the beds or the ones  stuffed in pillow cases to make make-shift pillows. When I went to see Louise in the nursing home I asked her what in the world was she thinking buying all those blankets.  When I told her how many I found even she was speechless… and that hardly ever happens.  I mean literally she stared at me for a long time not knowing what to say.  Then she laughed and told me that when she was younger her and her sisters cuddled up in one bed to stay warm and they had one blanket that just barely covered them.  When one turned they all had to turn, and they would have to announce time to turn before they would turn.  She said when she grew up she would never be cold again.  I told her that was the best insurance I ever heard of. So there you have it…a story on how someone comes to collect a certain item.  By the way… the end of that conversation was I HOPE YOU DIDN’T THROW OUT MY BLANKETS  or LET MY SISTERS TAKE THEM ALL.   She pestered me about those blankets till she eventually forgot about them months later or her health worried her more than the blankets…LOL I had to love her.

Back to the closet.  Blankets, a mail/key safe which yes, I can finally use that, after I pant it, a laminating machine that has 1993 stamped on the bottom.  I used it once and I am NOT throwing it out, I might need it one day to make a fake ID card…LOL just kidding…. a box of craft paints, oh good I need this, but upon further inspection I found that they are all dried up…what a waste.  I don’t even think I used some of those paints but I got them cause they were on sale no doubt.  The blankets are going back up and the laminating machine back up. Then I found my military medical records that I was supposed to turn in 6 years ago but never did thinking they are going to lose it and boxes of papers.  Isn’t it funny how you separate all these papers you MUST keep and then when you go through it years later most of it gets thrown out after all that time of wasting space? Oh and then there is my military uniform that I will never fit in again but I just think I need to keep just in case there is a war and I have to jump in it and defend my country…  I don’t know why but I am keeping it. I am also keeping my states quarters collection, that I never finished collecting, my iPod docking station that I hid so I can give it to myself for Christmas but when Christmas rolled around I couldn’t find it (four years ago) and a lot of other misc junk that I am KEEPING.  Rolling my eyes with my hands crossed on my chest….  Don’t judge me.

Besides that there are a lot of empty electronics boxes.  The warranty has run out on all of them so I think it is safe to throw them all out now.  Although as I was taking them to the door I thought God these are some nice sturdy boxes, I bet I can make some nice jewelry boxes out of them and give them to family for Christmas…no… they have to go. Whew…that clears up a lot of room!  No strange Louise type of collections that I found and/or can admit to hee hee hee.

What about you?  Any strange hoarding habits?

3 thoughts on “To Hoard or not to Hoard…that is the question.

  1. It’s never a question. Hoard.
    I have no good reasons like Louise. I’m just bizarrely attached to crap that I’ve randomly assigned importance to. And I totally think you wasted those boxes.

    p.s.- any of your readers thinking of donating blankets (or towels), could also consider giving them to their local animal shelter. They use them for beds. And they never have enough…


    • Yes I been regretting throwing those boxes away all day long. they were perfect. Have you seen those boxes in Big Lots. That is where I got the idea from. I took detailed photos so I can duplicate. Well I think I might still have a stash of boxes hidden somewhere. LOL

      Good idea on the blankets. Thanks


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