Bear / Living Room

Paring down

This is how far I have gotten in my living room and quite frankly I am pretty content with it just as it is.  LOL I know I need furniture and I can’t wait to put in my red sectional but I don’t want to fill the room up.  Once I put in the  couch then comes the table and then the tapestry on the wall, the shelves for the electrical components, the tv on the wall, pictures of all my grand kids and it just keeps on adding on until before I know it the whole place is full: corner-to-corner, ceiling-to-floor.  LOL

Notice Bears toy on the floor.  He is feeling better obviously as he is following me around placing his toys where I can see them…his open invitation to play catch.  Every time I ignore the toy and look at him he has another ready to play…he never tires of it.  I love this little guy.  He has so much personality!!

I finally gave in and played with him and I wore his little butt out.  He did pretty good to only have one eye but he did bump into the table one time.  Awww poor baby.

My living room makes me happy that I am changing it up and yet so many mementos it also makes me sad.  I like having certain memories of people, and now I admit…that is what I hoard, and honestly, as sad as it made me tonight, I don’t know if that is a good thing or a bad thing.

The sheer curtains in the middle, my grandmother.  The cardinal, Louise. The angel book ends, my mother, the etiquette books in the bookends, Louise (and the drawers too).

The bronze statue, and the bowl, my mother (placed in the eastern side of the house…she’d be proud of me for remembering that. I can’t remember what kind of candles go in the bowl though so I filled it with potpourri).  I cut some eucalyptus branches off my tree and stuck them in the vase but I think I either need to add more or take them out.

Flowers from my Mom’s memorial service makes me think of my cousin in California, who I have to call, lamp, and table= Louise, The cardinal lovebirds, hope for me finding Mr Right one day…and the little dish came from my first grandchild who made this for me in school.  Awwwww.  On the bottom is her name scratched in the dough and “2127110”.  I might be having a brain fart because for the life of me I can not figure out what those numbers mean!

Anyway I can’t wait to get home tomorrow so I can do some more.  Yes things are starting to shape up around here.  I hope to be able to put my bedroom back together by the weekend.  I hate that I am still sleeping on the guest bed as it is very uncomfortable!! and that makes me think of my little sister who passed away a few months ago.  She came over to spend some time with me and was the first to sleep on it.  The next morning she told me to never make her sleep on that God awful bed again…she hated it and I had to give her my bed to sleep in.  LOL sorry Gina.   It’s a leather futon, it looked good and it cost a few nickles…who knew it made a terrible bed?  LOL

Nite y’all.

6 thoughts on “Paring down

  1. Your room looks really nice. I do understand not wanting to fill it up. A person can easily get used to minimal and then as you say things start moving back in.

    Memories are hard things to shed. If they make you happy ,even in a sad kind of way, then you should keep them. I kept my FIL’s funeral flowers in a basket for years. And then one day it was time to let them go. Really they were dried and falling apart. You will know when the time is right for you to clear things out.

    LOL My husband still calls me a hoarder. He remembers when I was a hoarder and thinks I still have all of it. but I do not. It is gone. When I did hoard it was always hidden and the house was really spotless. but the closets cupboards drawers. UGH. Jam packed. I also used to have things sitting all over decorating. No more. I kept a couple collections and have them in cabinets to enjoy but where there used to be 8 or 10 things on top of a cabinet to see there might be three or even two.

    So glad Bear is feeling better. As far as running into things. Our Clancy has both eyes and constantly runs into things. He moves too quick and does not watch where he is going. Bear will get used to one eye. He is so cute. Toys are a good sign. :^))


    • There is no way not to fill it up. LOL its coming, all I can do is slow the process.

      Thanks…This morning it looks like I see a red pucker on Bears eyelid…the sewn one. hhhhhhhhhh I hope there is no more problems. I spoke to Petsmart and I absoulutely screamed on them. They called me to see how Bear was doing and it was going okay until he turned the conversation to cover the store’s butt…I gave him no outs. It made me mad actually because all they are realy concerned with is liability. ugggggh I told him that every one will know what their groomers did to him and when he said sorry I was like is that all you have to say is SORRY??!!. It’s not really a good idea to upset me like that. Now I will probably call the news tonight.


  2. So sad for Bear and you too to go through added stress on top of what you have already been through.

    Are there stitches to come out soon for Bear? I would think if he is still feeling fine his eye is ok. As many times as I have had surgeries I have had stitches do weird things. Lumps and bumps and then they smooth out. Could be tissue reaction from the sutures. I had sutures come through my stomach wall several years after surgery. Bright turquoise ones. THAT was weird. They were made to be left inside and years later my body rejected them. LOL Talk about hoard. It was such a shock to me I kept them in an envelope for several years. NOW that is weird.


    • His stitches come out sometime next week. By that time they minght not be able to find them as his hair is growing sooooo fast.
      That is weird about your stitches.


  3. Every time you show Bear’s little face, it kind of breaks my heart.

    Your house? Is not a home of someone who hoards. Unless piled behind you in the picture is a mountain of crap you cleared out of that room that’s about to collapse on you!!


    • I knooooooow. Imagine how I must feel looking at him. And for some reason now he looks so little and so helpless. My baby. You know he is getting spoiled rotten…

      As for the hoarding, first of all my bedroom and 2 offices are full to the brim and until yesterday I can’t even get to the second office because you can’t get through the bedroom to acess it. BUT I am in the process of moving stuff out. I do have a box I started collecting items in to give away because I need room to start all over hee hee. Oh and did I mention I have a barn with stuff stored in it that I haven’t even looked at for what? 5 years? BUT I did take some out to give to my niece, so thats a step in the right direction.

      This down sizing is really hard. I wanted to downsize and learn to live a simplier, less complicated life. Now that I am in the smaller house reality has set in…it ain’t easy!!


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