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Goodwill treasures

I am always complaining about the prices at Goodwill but honestly?   I have to say it has been a win-win situation for me over all. When I was in Greensboro I went to a ritzy neighborhood to the Goodwill and I found a 5 light crystal chandelier.  It needs a little work because 2 of the candlesticks are chipped and need to be replaced but the crystal font, arms, bobeche and candle cups were all undamaged and intact.  Also when I looked at it there were no crystals except on the body.  I counted 28 crystals and about 12 feet of crystal chains need to be purchased along with replacing the candlesticks. The price tag said $20 and I could live with that.  I got it because even though it was dusty and dirty, the crystals on the body were just so pretty and the price was ok and it wasn’t too big or overpowering. After I paid for it she gave me the box for it and in it was 5 lamp shades made of glass that some decorating challenged person picked out because they clearly did not belong to the fixture and were butt ugly.  Also in the box was a bag of 28 crystals.  Upon close inspection i discovered they were Swarovski crystals!!!  OMG!!! 2-3″ tear drops!! WHAT?  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  Look to the left, look to the right, ran out the store and locked it in my trunk, LOL.  I was soooo excited.

Last night I finally got to a point with Bear where I had a little “me” time, so I dug out the box and cleaned the crystals.  I soaked them in Windex and lovingly wiped all 28 of them till there was no trace of dust or grime.  I hung them on the wire shelf in my garden window to dry and under just the kitchen lighting the sparkles were beautiful.  Thank God I do have happy moments in my doldrums depression!

The chandelier is taken all apart now and unfortunately it didn’t come with any crystal strands.  I am going to order them but I am not sure how to get the best deals on them.  I want Swarovski strands but I don’t want to get ripped off and I don’t want to pay top dollar for them neither (remember I am cheap, LOL).

This is very similar to what the chandelier looks like…picture it without the strands…

I want to hang it in my livingroom.  It has a sticker on it saying incandescent and I don’t know if that means it should have any special considerations as to how it should be connected to the house wires…do I have to install a different light switch?   Should I be calling an electrician for this? Or do I treat it just like any other fixture?  It also has a hanging chain but because of my low ceiling I can only take advantage of one link.  hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I probably need to get an electrician to hang it huh?  Strands, electrician…there goes the deal getting inflated!!

Ideas?  Input?

@ Victoria…thank God Goodwill has people who are not so savvy at pricing things out…they look at it and make a decision as to what the value should be.  No rhyme or reason obviously!! It’s hit or miss, and that my friend, enables me to get good deals here and there…so don’t give up on them totally…I have no idea how they messed this one up though…  It really is a beautiful piece.  it just needs a little love and doctoring.

Love Dr J


PS I went there tonight and I got a great wood tray  for $2.  Its really NICE.  I put it on my gateleg table to throw my keys in and hide magazines I subscribe to underneath till I read them LOL.

7 thoughts on “Goodwill treasures

    • ok thank you….and why is that tidbit of information is so hard to find on the Internet??? I won’t even tell you how long I searched for that answer LOL….


  1. WOW it is Gorgeous!!! Great find!!

    OK my first thought was go out of the box and use colored crystals. There are some real glammy ones and it could tie into your Moroccan theme. This makes me want to add some colored strands to my chandelier. Hummmmmmmm

    Incandescent lighting is just regular light bulbs. Yours are the candles so you need to get the same wattage and base size. I can not remember what mine are but always keep spares on hand so I just look at the box when I need more. Take a bulb with you if nothing is marked on it. This means it is like any other light fixture. Nothing special needed unless your house wiring is wonky. I remember you had work done. Do not remember what rooms.

    I got some crystals at Ebay. Course goes with out saying use caution.

    The candle sticks are at most lighting stores. I think I paid $1.35 each. Mine are a plastic with what looks like dripping wax on them I replaced all as two were gone and the others were yellowed.


    This is fire mountain. I just put this color because it was the first I came to. They have others.


    think I will get some of these in purples for mine. Will be stunning.




    I have to go


    • Ohh Ohhh Ohhh I went on fire mountain gems last night and they have some beautiful stuff on there. It can be overwhelming actually, but yes I am with you… I was thinking of doing a different color also. My rug should be here soon and then my couch. Everything should be tying in with red and black. not sure what route I am going on the beads yet. Ruby crystals are beautiful too. I will check out the rest of the links later on. Thaaaaaaaanks.

      PS I knew purple was your favorite color LOL. I like that first link and love that pillow…http://www.indianproduct.com/tasselnfringe/images/fabrics/cc002.jpg I am going to use my machine to make some lovely pillows also…Not bad prices on the fringes either…


  2. Dr J—
    Fine, I will try them again. But I guess I already told you that it offends me they are charging $7 for a used t-shirt that says “Bob’s Automotive.” You can go to walmart and buy a brand new one no one ever wore, that does NOT advertise for Bob… for pretty much the same price.

    However? If I am missing out on boxes of crystal for cheap, I guess that makes me stupider than they are…

    That’s a beautiful lamp. And the kind of thing I would get involved in trying to fix, and end up beyond frustrated and it would sit in the garage while Paul asked me if I was ever going to finish it. You are WAAAAAAY better about finishing projects, so I cannot wait to see what you pull off.


    • I don’t buy clothes out of there because I DETEST digging! Its just not worth it to me. My supervisor loves digging and she gets some great deals so whatever floats ones boat…go for it. I just don’t have the patience for it. But I thought you would find this funny. I am getting a box of things together to donate. In the store they mark everything in a sharpie marker so before I donated anything I marked everything in sharpie marker with a price I THOUGHT is appropriate so they don’t over charge LOL. I crack myself up. What are they going to do scratch off my price and put another and chance looking like they mark up?? I donated the contents of Louise’s household furniture to the church and I had marked a lot of things with prices…prices I would pay…which isn’t much. They made $1800 and the feedback they got back was that this was the best yard sale they ever been to. They might have made the same amount had they marked everything up BUT they would have also had a lot more left over so I just helped them out LOL. What Goodwill don’t realize is sometimes less is more. I don’t see people driving up to the Goodwill to buy stuff for their house in Jaguars and Mercededes. The Jaguars and Mercedes are dropping off and zipping out. They don’t even go in after they drop off to see whats inside.
      But yeah you must start going in and looking around. You don’t have to buy anything. Look above I ammended the posting to include a find from today. I had to do it like that so I can show the photos.


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