Petsmart Update

I thought about Petsmart today and what do I really want out of them.  Now that I have calmed down I came to a conclusion.  Now I may call them or I may write them a letter.  If I talk to that jerk manager again and he pisses me off trying to evade accepting responsibility I might change my mind and want to shut them down LOL.  I t happened and we all have to deal with it from here. Let me know if you think this is fair to them and for me & Bear:

1- Reimburse me for taking off a day + two hours off work

2- Pay the entire vet bill (I got a bill today saying they paid all but $300)

3- Reimburse me for the after care products I had to purchase ($20)

4- Pay the medical insurance plan in their vet clinic for Bear for a year that way if I have any concerns over his health having one friggin eye I can take him in whenever I please for free without having to call them and they should agree if there are any problems stemming from the eye injury they will waive them.  I normally pay $50 a month for the insurance but it just so happened I just cancelled it  for this year because he is up on all his shots and he had no medical problems.  Figures something would happen huh?

5- I thought about asking them to reimburse me for half the money I paid for him since he is just two years old but  I wasn’t sure if this wasn’t asking too much and I really want to be fair even though what happened to him wasn’t fair at all.  He is not a mutt, he’s a pedigree that I invested in.

As I said before it is not really about money but it will cost them some money.

Feedback?  I need input on this please…


2 thoughts on “Petsmart Update

  1. I think all of the things you listed are MORE than fair. I also don’t think you’re asking for enough. I think long-term insurance would be fair. You can’t predict what kind of issues he might have in the future.

    It certainly seems fair that they pay the ENTIRE vet bill. Plus any checkups or followups, not just what’s currently owed.

    If I were you, I wouldn’t be satisfied with discussions with Petsmart at a store level. I would want to talk to someone who is in charge of customer service at the corporate level. Your dog lost an eye because of them. I don’t think the store manager is qualified to decide how Petsmart as a company should deal with that.


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