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China Cabinet Top

Remember this?

Its the top to the china cabinet.  I just finished cleaning it with TSP so I can get ready to paint it.  OMG that thing had a lot of dust embedded in it.  Anyway this is the top to the drawers.  I did the drawers in toasted almond with reds, greens, browns, black and a touch of purple with the birds.  That is  one of the few things that I did manage to finish around here.

I am not sure what I am going to do with this but I am going to start painting and let the mood direct me…I feel like staying up being creative tonight.

Updates tomorrow



5 thoughts on “China Cabinet Top

  1. I do not know the needs in your house well enough to give a suggestion where to put it. Sure is cute. Painted will be even better. The bottom piece is under a window. It the window too big for the center part of this top piece if you took off the center part of the back this could frame the window?? I just do not remember and would need to go look for your other post.


    • Oh I have a spot for it. I was going to use it to put electronic componants in it under my TV but it is too tall and you won’t be able to see it through the chandelier LOL. I think I am going to use it for books. The window is a double window so it would not work there. I have ideas that I can’t wait to get home to try out on this piece. Creativity juices starting to flow! SO GLAD ITS THE WEEKEND AGAIN!!!


  2. Off topic. Just wanted you to see this peacock in glass. Swoon.

    Enjoy your weekend I am still staying up nights and working the days to close the city books.


      • Yes we do work the fiscal year. Oct 1 to Sept 30. 26 hours later the books are done and all financial reports and I am ready for the meeting except for burning up the copier Monday to print all this crap. I do not have software so it has to all be done kind of long hand in Excel and word.

        I HATE the fiscal year because I have to overlap the payroll reports. Such a pain. But I am happy now and I can break some glass. Thinking that linked mosaic peacock above would look lovely wrapped around a mannequin.


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