Last Post for the Night

Remember this?

Its the ottoman I got from the thrift store called Everything But Grannies Panties for $10.  Well I knew that I have to cover it.

  • Problem 1 is that I was NOT spending a lot of money on the fabric.  Well the other day I went in my favorite upholstery fabric store and I found this remnant for $4 a yard and all they had was a 3 yard piece.  It is a chenille fabric with a shiny swirly design on it.  It is a bright cherry red and I think it is really pretty!

  •   Problem 2 is that I haven’t recovered anything in a long time and to tell you the truth I feel a little intimidated about this one.  I never did anything that was round or had piping in the middle or had nail heads on it or is tufted with more than one button.
  • Problem 3 is that I am ready to work on this NOW BUT I don’t have the foam and I am not going to let these stores hijack me for a piece of freaking foam, so I have to mail order it and WAIT hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

There was a problem 4, 5 and 6 but for the life of me I can’t think of what they were right now.

I went on the net to see all that was involved and I found a couple of great tutorials. tutorial click photo to read shows how to tuft

Oh yeah I remember Problem 4 now…I am scared to remove the fabric that is on the ottoman now

Problem 5- I don’t really know how to tuft but I can cover buttons.

Problem 6 – While that ottoman is really cute and classy, I think I need to modernize it a bit.  What do you think about me copying a MacKenzie-Childs style ottoman for this fabric with black trim??


I love them…and by now I know you know I love anything embellished and hand painted…I am just elaborate and over the top like that.

Oh and if you want to make your own cause you have no Grannies Panties store near you here is a good tutorial:


and how cute is this???

here is a list of links that show how to make ottomans, poufs and tuffets out of different things: wood, different kinds of buckets, crates etc.  Also shown is how to make slip covers for them…

8 thoughts on “Last Post for the Night

  1. Your fabric is great. I am also over the top so the MacKenzie-Childs style ottomans are so cute!! I have never recovered any thing. I do think I might try your ottoman tutorial. I would love one in our dinning room.


    • I am going to try and do it. I brought a dress from a thrift store today to cut up and use for the covered button and background. LOL…upcycling. If it doesn’t work out I will take it to a professional and let him do it. I think I can do it though.


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